Damn, did I get lucky with this one; literally, this 6'1" light-skinned definition of "black is beautiful" came riding up to our door in a beater of a car - delivering lunch from an above-average restaurant he works for in New Jersey. Turns out it's just one of a few jobs the energetic, handsome-as-hell young brotha has, putting himself through school and aiming for a degree in Business Administration. Smart, streetwise, and oozing with raw sexuality in person, when I met Corporate and paid him for the food, I knew that this brotha was with it enough. If I was to approach him about posing for FlavaMen, I had to be totally upfront and honest - take it on the chin if he said now, but hope he at least took it as a compliment that I didn't bullshit with him.

And yep - his initial reaction was a big, fat "NO" - straight and simple. Straight and simple was how Corporate saw himself, as well, and though he'd just dumped the dead weight of a money-grabbing girlfriend, Corporate couldn't see himself getting naked for anything other than the next chick to come along.

But money talks and bullshit walks, and when he found out he could make a decent dent in tuition with his modeling fee - we landed this prime and fine fish at last. And Lordy, was it worth it.

I could tell Corporate was nervous as hell the day he showed up for the shoot, but once he was on set and the lights went up, you wouldn't know it. After, when he was showered and cleaned up - his hands still shaking a bit from the first-time experience - I bought him lunch at a café nearby, and we talked about his cherry-popping experience as a nude model.

DEVIN: So, how do you feel about the shoot?
CORPORATE: Aw shit, man - I was scared to death. I never been naked around other guys before, outside a locker room.
DEVIN: You did great, though.
DEVIN: Why so shy? You have an incredible body... one hell of a pretty dick.
CORPORATE: Thanks, but usually it's the females telling me that. Feels weird from a guy.
DEVIN: It's still just as true. You seemed to have trouble getting hard, at first.

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