Qpid Eros and Snow Bunni

I wish you were here in this hotel room with me, because I just witnessed one of the hottest sex sessions in porn history, other than one of my own. Two of Thug Boys hottest light skin boys get together to spice things up with sex, sex, and more sex. Qpid Eros plus Snow Bunni equals hot sex and lots of shooting.

BABY STAR: Thanks for letting me witness that hot action. Snow Bunni you are like the energizer bunny you keep going and cuming and going.
SNOW BUNNI: *laughs* Yo you know I like to call myself an all star bottom, I took my ass to the pro.
BABY STAR: Yeah you an All-Star alright, but you switch it up too. I wish I was helping Qpid bang dat ass out and then help you bang him out too.
QPID EROS: You could have and when you were done with him, I would definitely be up for it.
BABY STAR: I like the sound of that. So Qpid you definitely get lots of play on the field. What do you like better? Topping or bottoming?
QPID EROS: I definitely love topping. I put my 7.5 dick to work whenever I can, it is something about putting my fat dick inside a hot ass that will make me cum and cum and cum.
SNOW BUNNI: Its nothing like having that hot dick in your ass.
QPID EROS: But I am a vers because I can ride a dick just as good or better than any bottom out there.
BABY STAR: So Snow Bunni, you are usually known for just taking the dick, what made you switch it up?
SNOW BUNNI: When I have sex I will pretty much do anything, but I would rather be topped. I am a bottom who knows he has that good good. *laughs*
BABY STAR: The way you were eating up Qpids ass though, I just knew you were gone slide yo dick up in that though.
QPID EROS: I was ready for that 8 dick too papi.
SNOW BUNNI: *laughs* Who knows, maybe Ill just be a top.

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