Just in case you were wondering, yes. That is Smooths real crib in Thug Mansion. Itís even more impressive in person and just thinking about all the intense ass fucking that has taken place within those walls is enough to make you cream on yourself. The second this 26 year old New Jersey native came down the steps the room lit up and what was before just a normal living room turned into some sort of Heaven as that 5í10Ē, 157 pound Hershey Kiss of a man sat down across from me and picked up a half smoked blunt from an ash tray that I hadnít even noticed was sitting right in front of me. DAMN this brotha is sexy!

MANNY T: Thanks for inviting me to your crib.
SMOOTH: Not a problem. You donít mind if I smoke do you?
MANNY T: Your crib.
SMOOTH: But do YOU mind?
MANNY T: Nah. Not at all.

Smooth sparks his L and takes a puff while I sit here and wonder how he can turn something as simple as lighting a dutch into something almost pornographic. Thick white smoke seeps from between his full blackberry lips as his attention comes back to me.

SMOOTH: You blaze?
MANNY T: On occasion.

Smooth offers me the joint, but I have to decline.

MANNY T: Iím working son.
SMOOTH: If you say so.
MANNY T: How long you been making porn?
SMOOTH: Only about a year or so....maybe getting close to two.
MANNY T: You always seem so comfortable though. Was there ever a time when you were like ďIím really not with this?Ē
SMOOTH: Not really. I mean, theres times when your not feeling the dude your with or whatever, but as far as getting naked and doing my thing....Iíve never been uncomfortable with that.
MANNY T: Why did you choose to start doing gay porn? Arenít you bi-sexual?
SMOOTH: Yeah. I do my thing of course, but I love some pussy on my face. I started doing gay porn though cause it seemed like dudes was afraid to approach me or something.
MANNY T: I know I wouldnít. Your sort of intimidating.
SMOOTH: *coughs* Intimidating? Nah yo. Iím a fuckiní pussy cat.
MANNY T: I see that now, but on first glance you seem like you would knock a playa out if he came at you wrong.
SMOOTH: Oh I would. Iím an easy ass dude to get along with, but I wonít let nobody disrespect me and if need be I handle mines.
MANNY T: For sure. So why Cocodorm to start?
SMOOTH: Well, if Iím looking for the hottest kats around with the biggest dicks and fattest asses to fuck and get fucked by, I figured that the best mix of the two would be someplace like the dorm.

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