If there were ever a unique way to show patriotism it was displayed by this tantalizing hotboy from New York City. I think you?ll agree that a cutie with a sculpted build and a basketball booty is motivation enough to stay in school and hit the books hard!

Standing 5?10? and weighing 155lbs, this sexy Pisces packs a mad 9.5 inches that will literally bring you to your knees. Not only does he have a strong delivery but admits he loves taking the dick just as much as giving it. By the end of his stay he had us all singing the Star Spangled Banner. Mr. Independence himself is hot, horny, young and willing and , in my opinion, a perfect catch for anyone lucky enough to land this enticing nigga with the boy next door looks!

KRAVE: Sup bro? It is a pleasure to finally get a chance to talk to you dawg. I was wondering ... how did you get into doing modeling?
COLLEGE: I needed the cash and a friend had told me about the Cocoboyz website. I checked it out and I knew I had the stuff to make it as a Cocoboyz model.
KRAVE: How many shoots have you done?
KRAVE: How was your first shoot?
COLLEGE: Man, I was so nervous. I couldn?t get hard! I got a hot fluff job from another model. Once my dick felt some hot lips I stayed hard the rest of the shoot.
KRAVE: Sounds freaky bruh. Since we are on the subject ... what do you enjoy doing sexually?

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