Phat Daddy

This sexy, tall and boyishly-charming young mixed-race brotha was found on a recent trip to the movies. Me and a couple of friends were hanging out and decided to see an action flick - but it was real obvious that all the action wasn't happening on the screen, but instead about four rows behind us, where this guy and girl were making out and slurping on each other like sex was five minutes away from being outlawed as a felony.

I went for popcorn about 30 minutes in, and when I came back sat behind the dynamic duo, where I watched them instead of the movie. My dick was rock-hard before I finally saw them take a break, and ten minutes later the fine little brotha got up to go take a leak, or to get his lady something to drink - whatever.

I followed him, and in the lobby told him about the magazine and how hot I thought it was, watching him and his chick practically doing it in their seats. He laughed and said that yeah, they weren't supposed to be even dating because her parents didn't like him - he was only working part-time, and they thought he was "just a thug" - and when he mentioned the need for some green, I pushed and pushed until Phat Daddy agreed to come by the office the next day.

The rest - as ya can see by the photos - is history.

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