Roberto Nica

This issue’s centerfold is the real deal. He’s not Evander Holyfield, but the latin welterweight Roberto Nica is undoubtedly pound for pound, one of the hottest models to ever grace our cover. At 5’8” his smooth perfectly toned golden brown physique and thick uncut pinga, make him an irresistible mocha delight. Who wouldn’t want to step up to the challenge and try a few rounds with this 27-year-old ex-golden glove champion from sunny Miami, Florida? Okay, maybe not in the ring, but definitely in the bed.

The buzz surrounding the sexy chulo with washboard abs of steel is tremendous. Roberto Nica proved that he had the stamina to go the distance by blessing our cameras with a record three rounds of climaxes. Like the Energizer Bunny, only he didn’t keep going and going, he kept cumming… and cumming. I had the chance to get up with Roberto shortly after his photo shoot and the man still had plenty of energy, glowing like he had just taken the belt from the champion with a surprise third round knockout.

MANNY T: I can’t front. That was incredible, pa. You’s a sexy muthafucka, straight up. I’m sorry, but I just had to get that out of the way so I could concentrate on this interview. Roberto, your photo shoot was blazin’ hot, yo!
ROBERTO NICA: (Blushing) Thanks, man. I tried to do my best to give you guys something to remember.
MANNY T: You most definitely did that. You’re a natural, papi. You didn’t seem nervous at all. Was it hard posin’ nude in the front of all those people?
ROBERTO NICA: No not really, I’ve done photo shoots before. When I was boxing, I had photo sessions all the time, for weigh-ins and promotions and stuff. And you know they only allow you to wear boxing trunks when you’re being weighed for a fight. I wasn’t naked, but it was pretty damn close.
MANNY T: Yo, I gotta tell you, I always thought boxers were the sexiest athletes, with the hottest bodies… I knew you were an amateur boxer, but you boxed professionally too?
ROBERTO NICA: Technically. I mean, I got paid, but my trainers might argue about how “professional” I was.
MANNY T: Why is that?
ROBERTO NICA: I did more partyin’ than anything. Did whatever I wanted to, really. I didn’t care. I even quit in the middle of a round one time, just for the hell of it. Said, fuck it I’m tired.
MANNY T: Damn, that’s not “professional” at all, papi. What was your record?
ROBERTO NICA: Something like, 2 and 9 with 0 knockouts. I forget. But my amateur record was 17 wins, 3 loses and 7 knockouts. I won the welterweight state championship in 2001.
MANNY T: Sounds like you had a promising career at one point, what happened?
ROBERTO NICA: I got mixed up with the wrong crowd, drinkin’ and partyin’, and hangin’ out til all hours of the night. Didn’t think I needed to train all like that, know what I mean. I was young and stupid, I guess.

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