Allow me to introduce you to NíTice, a sexy caramel drop hailing from Austell, Georgia by way of Dallas, Texas. This hard bodied specimen comes to us from the strip clubs where heís made a name for himself as one of the freakiest adult performers to grace the stage. With a huge nine and a half inched pinga and an eclectic mix of tattoos sprinkled all over his body, NíTice can take you there in a blink of an eye. I had the pleasure of sitting down with him for an intimate one on one conversation in our Miami studios after watching him sizzle our camera lenses in his photo shoot.

MANNY T: Whatís good, papi? You put it down for the cameras. I can tell youíre a seasoned performer.
NTICE: I appreciate that. When Iím in front of a audience I get in a zone and the freak in me jumps right out.
MANNY T: I see. How does it feel to be a centerfold right out the gate?
NTICE: The shit is hot. Iím glad I had this opportunity.
MANNY T: How different was this compared to being live on stage?
NTICE: It was a lot different. I mean, dancing and playing with my dick a little bit is one thing, but jacking my shit until I bust, in front of yíall, felt a little weird.
MANNY T: Did you find it difficult?
NTICE: No, not at all, just different. Iíve done a lot of freaky shit on stage, just not that.
MANNY T: Like what?
NTICE: You wouldnít believe me if I told you.
MANNY T: Come on now, you can only do so much on a stage in public.
NTICE: You obviously havenít caught too many live shows in the ATL.
MANNY T: No I havenít. Whatís the freakiest thing you ever did on stage?
NTICE: One time I got my dick sucked and ass ate at the same time, while stripping.
MANNY T: Live on stage?
NTICE: Yup-perrrr.
MANNY T: Get the fuck out of here.
NTICE: Told you, you wouldnít believe it.
MANNY T: Thatís some freaky shit.
NTICE: Dude, I put the ďFĒ in freak.
MANNY T: How did you get into exotic dancing? And how long have you been at it?

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