Jersey Kidd

Jersey Kidd is like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – on the outside, you got this sweet-ass chocolate coating you can’t wait to taste … and you know will melt in your mouth. You lick your lips in anticipation, then dive right in just when you at your hungriest.

But then – on the inside – you find you got a different kind of flava; also sweet, but with a different texture and taste than what you expected. But both inside and out blend to make a treat that’s got a lot more inside it than you think it.

And dat’s what makes up Jersey Kidd – one of this magazine’s newest and most energetic young brothas to ever hit these pages. I got to sit down with this well-hung kid after tha shoot, and he showed me that he may be just a kid on the outside – but there’s a sophisticated brotha brewing deep underneath.

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