Imagination & Lil Mann

Close your eyes and let your mind wander as I guide you through the deepest thoughts of one of FlavaMen's hottest new couples. Coming from the southern city of Atlanta, we present Lil Mann. This slim cutie's a versatile freak and is ready to accommodate any situation. Smooth and sexy, this chocolate lover has the ass to make you want to reach out and grab, and enough dick to please any bottom's hole. The name really proves to be an understatement once you get him naked and hard.

As for his partner in crime, Imagination on the other hand fits him rather well. Being from the Midwest, there's no limit to this freak when it comes to sex. The urge and the opportunity is all this bottom boy needs to make sure he gets off. No matter how big the dick is or how rough the sex, anyone who's experiencing Imagination's tight ass is guaranteed to have an enjoyable session.

The thought of these 2 sexaholics interacting with one another gets me all worked up. From knowing Lil Mann has an infatuation with phat asses and Imagination craves thick dick, this will really be an experience to remember.

SAYVION: So I guess i'm going to start this off with that age-old question! "What made you become interested in modeling?
LIL MANN: I did this because I wanted to show people that slim niccas can be sexy too.
IMAGINATION: For me, I wanted to do it because I love being watched when i'm performing.
SAYVION: How did the two of you hook up?
IMAGINATION: Actually, we met through the company. I guess we sent in our applications around the same time.
SAYVION: Is this just for fun or do you two kick it on personal time?
LIL MANN: Yeah man, we cool outside of work.. This was just the means to put us together. And of course you know Grown Folks Will Be Grown Folks!!
SAYVION: Unlike our readers, I know you two pretty well so I'm bout to put ya'll on front street.
LIL MANN: Ha, what you talking bout Willis?
SAYVION: What you lookin so worried for Imagination? I thought you was bout whateva.
IMAGINATION: O, fa sho. You know I ain't never scared
SAYVION: Okay then, so how ya'll like to get down? What turns ya'll on?

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