Sexy Dude

Flavamen would like to welcome Sexy Dude. Cummin at ya from Columbus Ohio the name fits without a doubt. This 5?7? chocolate wonder has plenty of dick, 9.5? to be exact and knows how to use it. Sexy Dude is one of the more popular models in this issue because he?s also been on the very successful website as well as the Dormlife compilation DVDs. Sexy Dude is a very low key and soft-spoken individual which adds to his sex appeal but don?t let that fool you, for there is more than meets the eye in this hot freak.

When asked the freakiest thing he ever did he told me of a scenario that he and his partner at da time played out. It was one hot ass night in Ohio and my nukka and I were bored as hell, I was like ?baby go pick up a 40oz and meet me at the park.? He was confused at first but he knew what I was on. When he got there we acted as if we didn?t know one another so we sat on the benches kicked it for a minute and then I was like ?damn nukka you wanna hit it or what.? I knew what the answer was already and I was ready cause this mutha fucka was turning me on by the minute I had to get dat dick. I had some sweats on so my boy turned me around on the bench bent me over and fucked da shit outta me. I mean right there in the park right there in da open and I didn?t give a fuck. See I told you he ain?t nuthin but a lil freak.

KRAVE: Sexy Dude! It's always a pleasure to meet you.
SEXY DUDE: The pleasure is all mine playa. How ya been?
KRAVE: Can?t complain and yourself?
SEXY DUDE: Chillin baby stayin outta trouble
KRAVE: So how?s school?
SEXY DUDE: Yo I?m just happy to be in my last year but school?s aight.
KRAVE: That?s good to know, I got some dirt that I need to confirm.

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