Freakzilla Diego

Iím at this show out in LA and I really donít want to be there. My friend dragged me downtown to this spruced up hole in the wall, because there is this dude that I have to see. This is not the first ďperfect dimeĒ that he has dragged me to check out. They are usually fives at best and strung out on drugs. Iím only there because the drinks are on him and I plan to be shitfaced by the end of the night. As it gets closer to time for dude to come on, my friend is getting crazy. Almost stupid. Iím thinking nobody looks that good, so Iím expecting this guy to be busted. But when this hot ass five-foot-ten inched pecan tanned brother named FreakZilla, with sexy hazel brown eyes and the body of a kung-fu dragon master, steps on stage; I get stupid! My buddy most definitely came through and I was treated to a monster show.

When I met him and told him who I was, and what I did. He didnít waste any time. He just so happened to be leaving for Fort Lauderdale the next weekend and we jumped at the chance to get him into our studios while he was in South Florida. One week to the day Iím sitting at FreakZillaís photo shoot, damn near drooling at the mouth. FreakZilla is hot! With chiseled abs, loaded guns, a perfectly cut ten inch pinga and smooth moist inviting lips; this chulo is definitely official. After he got showered and dressed, we kicked it over lunch.

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