This light-skinned tower of a man (he stands 6'9", in case you're wondering how he really got this name) was referred to us by another model. When he came into the office to speak with the magazine ... well, it don't really hit you until you see the dude, just how tall THAT tall is. There was no doubt, though, that the mixed-race dude was one sexy-ass thug - with pretty much a perfect body, ripped abs, and a big ten-and-a-half-inch dick that the brotha likes to swing around like a billy club. We were even shocked as shit when the 23 year old from the city of Brotherly Love openly admitted he was bisexual - AND preferred being a bottom with other dudes; no way in hell, meeting him on the street, would you suspect this brotha to be anything but 150% hetero.

He was signed up on the spot, and during the photo-shoot made you understand the phrase "making love to the camera," 'cause 69 is about as shy as a charging elephant. Getting naked in about 2.5 seconds, the brotha stretched out on the couch like he was home from work, long-ass legs crossed at the ankles as he right away started pulling on his piece for the camera. Smoky eyes don't hurt, either, when you're staring into a camera, and 69 worked those stares into some of the sexiest shots ever taken for the magazine - even the photo of the brotha spreading that juicy asshole of his wide for the camera, in the background there still be those eyes ... as if asking, "You wanna fuck this, or what??"

Still butt-ass naked (except for his green cap) and so long and fine he was distracting the shit outta me, 69 sat down on a leather armchair after the shoot, spread his long legs wide to get comfortable, and asked me what I wanted to know about him.

BREION: You mean other than when I can get with you? I wanted to ask about what you thought of the shoot - about how you think you did.
69: Man, it was some hot shit. The photographer you hooked me up with was sexy as hell, himself, so it was easy; I just basically did what he told me, like I would for any brotha, anywhere, who was that fine.
BREION: I'll let him know that man, damn. And speaking of damn - DAMN, dude, where tha fuck you get your height from??
69: My parents are both pretty tall - dad was 6'5", moms is just under six-foot. My grandpops on her side was almost seven feet tall. I was average as a kid, but the summer before I was thirteen I just started shooting upward like I was never gonna stop. Freaked everybody out.

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