Jay D

About the only thing NOT straight about this long, lean sex machine from The Sunshine State is that beautiful curved dick, which hangs suspended for over eight dark-brown inches pointing at the floor ? even when hard ? like some freak divining rod. It took a lot of talking to get this masculine, heterosexual thug in front of our cameras ? but as you can see, the results were well worth it. Jay is a slim, smooth drink of chocolate milk who was all business from word one, the results sizzling off the page.

Afterward, I sat down with the straight brotha, to find out what makes him tick ? and what the hell is up with that Sheneneh thing?

DEVIN: Thanks for stopping to chat a minute before leaving. Wow, did you look great in the photo shoot.
JAY D: Thanks. And I got no problem with chattin?.
DEVIN: I?ll get right to it, by asking: what makes a straight guy pose nude for a magazine he knows other guys will be looking at, as well?
JAY D: (grins) In one word? Money.
DEVIN: Money got you hard for the shoot?
JAY D: Well, naw ? they were playing porn off-set, but for real I got myself hard; it ain?t difficult to do, not for me.
DEVIN: Oh, I see ? you get excited easily?
JAY D: Very easy, yeah.
DEVIN: Umm... someone told me you said that even Martin Lawrence in his Sheneneh drag gets you excited.
JAY D: Well, I just was trying to say that I get excited real easy ? that am such a sexual person, anything could get my motor running!
DEVIN: Hmm, nice trait. How old were you when you first got... excited?
JAY D: If you?re meanin? my first time doin? anything sexual, I was 15. My neighbor gave me a handjob.
DEVIN: Your neighbor? Do you remember her name?
JAY D: Yep. Shawn.

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