Sway Boy and Willie Grays

Whatís up everyone! Itís burning up inside this apartment down here in the Dominican Republic and not because someone is cooking inside the kitchen, but Swa Boy and Willie Grays are making it really hot! I am your boy Flamez and I like it hot and these two stars are getting it hot for you. I was hanging out at Willie Grayís place waiting on the Swa Boy to bring his sexy ass out the shower before making my move. But before I could even jump in these two were already at it.

FLAMEZ: I love action like that in a kitchen. It wasnít the pots and pans banging. Willie I love how as soon as Swa came out of the shower you just took charge and started just sucking on that dick like it was your dinner.
WILLIE GRAYS: *laughs* Well I am a professional, thatís what we do.
FLAMEZ: I just wanted to join in and let you do me. It wasnít fair that Swa was getting all the attention.
WILLIE GRAYS: Aww papi you felt left out?
SWA BOY: He got you next time, but this time it was all about me.
FLAMEZ: He better have me next time or we going to have some serious issues.
WILLIE GRAYS: *laughs* Yeah I promise I got you?
SWA BOY: Then Iím going to get you as well.
FLAMEZ: I donít know about that, but I am going to get that ass from you though.
WILLIE GRAYS: Swa Boy a top Flamez.
FLAMEZ: Until he gets some Flamez up in him. So Willie whatís your favorite thing to do sexually?
WILLIE GRAYS: I love sucking a fat ass dick.
FLAMEZ: Word. Thatís hot! How about you Swa Boy?
SWA BOY: I love fucking. It ainít shit like banging out a good ass.
FLAMEZ: Do you like pussy?
SWA BOY: I love pussy!
FLAMEZ: So you are bi-sexual?

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