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RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 44 min
TYPE: Black, Couples, Threesome, Bareback, Oral, Jerk off
STARS: Castro, Terry, College, Platinum, King, Jazz (non-sex role), Mellow (non-sex role), Illusive (non-sex role), Karock (non-sex role), T-Hall (non-sex role)
RATING: 4.5 (out of 5)

CASTRO has proven to be one of the hottest models to recently come out of the Cocoboyz family. He proved himself a star in his previous DVD Castro: Behind the Photoshoot. In his first video outing, Castor played with AX and Yanni. In Castro 2: The Fuck Video, Terry, College & Platinum, and King join our star in some of the hottest bareback sex on film.

The film opens up with Castro?s Christmas photo shoot for Cocoboyz. com. Castro performs a hot jerk off scene while standing and shoots thick globs of cum all over his hands. Scene 2 has Castro ramming his 12-inch rod inside of Terry. The scene has some hot oral action and plenty of close-up shots of Terry trying to swallow Castro?s foot long sub. Castro then fingers Terry?s ass and shoves his big dick inside of Terry?s tight ass doggystyle. They then move into a ?legs up in the air? mish position. The scene culminates in an explosive and very messy facial [landing on Terry.]

In the third scene, we get a peak inside of Castro?s private life. We get a chance to see Castro shower. As the camera pans all over Castro?s chiseled body, it feels as if we are in the bathroom with him. After he dries off, Castro jerks his dick until he cums all over the bathroom mirror.

Scene 4 has to be my favorite scene in the DVD. As I said above, Castro has been one of sexiest new Cocoboyz models to have their own series. So it doesn?t hurt that Castro is in a scene with one of my favorite Cocoboyz, Platinum, along with College. The threesome is one of the hottest that I have seen in a long time. After a nice session of foreplay [that included dick sucking, nipple sucking, and ass licking], College slides in to Platinum in mish, while Castro slides into College in doggy?at the same time! So, basically each Cocoboy is connected by a dick?so damn hot! It gets even hotter when Platinum gets a sample of Castro?s throbbin? dick. Platinum loves dick, and you can definitely tell as he rides Castro. Platinum cums on himself as Castro fucks him and College busts his thick load on Platinum. Then Castro ram fucks College and jerks himself to orgasm.

The final scene is a hot oral session with King. The film ends with some outtakes. In those outtakes we learn that King?s ass was so tight that Castro?s 12-inch dick couldn?t slide into it. That is why their session was only an oral one.

Watching Castro?s sexy body and big ass dick fucking some of the hottest models on brought me to orgasm several times. There are several reasons you should buy this DVD. The messy facial Castro gives Terry is one that you won?t forget easily. The hot threesome of Castro/College/Platinum will leave you wanting to be next in line for Castro?s hot big dick. Castro 2 is a worthy successor to his first DVD outing. When will Castro 3 be released? -- Papi Chulo


RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 31 min
TYPE: Black, Interracial, Safe Sex, Bareback, Multiple Partners, Threesome, Oral, Fisting
STARS: Chino, Sayvion, Malice, Lil Man, Imagination, Shine, Scorpio, Tezjork, Chique, Lil Kidd, Levi
RATING: 5 (out of 5)

The CocoDorm website has had much success in turning their online sexcapades into erotic DVDs. Dorm Life 4 continues in the tradition of its predecessors, of showcasing the Cocoboyz in some of the most erotic sex scenes I have ever seen. The subtitle to this movie should be ?The Many Somes?, because most of the scenes are multiple pairings. I was surprised that only the last scene was the ?norm? ... a couple?s scene. The rest of the film was either a threesome, foursome, or a fivesome (better known as a mini-orgy)!!!

The film opens with Chino and Sayvion playing with each other. Chino works on Sayvion?s dick for a while, then they get into a hot 69. Sayvion disappears, and Malice takes over. Malice?s muscular body gets over Chino?s head and feeds him his phat dick. As Chino sucks on Malice?s rod, Malice fingers Chino?s tight ass. Malice gets on top of Chino and starts grindin? on his sexy body. The scene ends with a jerked cum shot by Sayvion.

Scene two is a hot foursome. The sexy Sayvion is back and this time we get to see him in action. The group of four complain about it being too hot ... so they disrobe and then the fun stars. Imagination gobbles on Lil Man?s dick, as Sayvion tastes his ass. Shine joins the mix, so now everyone is either lickin? or suckin? someone. Fyne ass Sayvion is the first to slide into Imagination?s ass. Sayvion pumps him with great force, as Shine shoves his dick inside Imagination?s mouth. Imagination takes a pounding from Lil Man, rides Shine and then gets some more of Lil Man?s dick in the legs in the air mish-position. After a hot oral session and Shine dippin? in that ass some more, we see the studs get into the shower, and that closes scene two. We may not get a cum shot in this scene, but scene two will guarantee to make you bust hard?I know I did!

The third scene begins with Scorpio taking Tezjork?s dick down his throat; followed by Tezjork taking Scorpio?s 10-inch dick down his throat and up his ass. We are treated to a hot threesome, when Sayvion?s 8.5-inch dick appears in POV. Scorpio fucks Tezjork real hard. At one point during the slam fuck, Tezjork jumps up and squeals out of pain. The scene has an extended oral sequence before we are treated to two jerked creamy cum shots. Scene four is the first fivesome on the DVD. The scene consists of hot oral action between the five participants (Chino, Scorpio, Sayvion, Platinum and Chique.) At the end of the scene, Chique busts a nice load in his hand.

Scene five has to be my favorite scene. It begins with a kinky game of Twister. Why is it kinky? Because everyone is nude, and oral sex is mixed in with the game. This scene stars Sayvion, Lil Man, Shine, Imagination, and Lil Kidd. Lil Man is the first to break into some ass (Imagination?s ass that is.) Shine fucks Lil Kidd doggy, as Imagination rides Lil Man. The highlight of this scene is when Lil Man is fucking Imagination in mish, and Sayvion gets on top of Lil Man and fucks him in doggy at the same time. That alone made me bust a huge load...I?m sure you will too!

The sixth scene is the final foursome and it stars Sayvion, Imagination, Shine, and Lil Man. This scene, like the other foursome, has a lot of oral action, but we also get the pleasure of viewing Shine dig deep into Imagination. The try various positions while Sayvion and Lil Man suck each other off. The final scene is the only twosome and bareback sex scene. Tezjork fists Levi before he pounds him in mish, doggy and piledriver positions. They both climax on Levi?s stomach.

Fans of the Dorm Life series have to buy Dorm Life 4. It may be lacking in cum shots, but the rough sex, and the various ?somes? keep the movie very erotic. The guys are hott and the sex is scorching. Hotter than the previous three, Dorm Life 4 is a must have! --Papi Chulo


RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 39 min
TYPE: Black, Latin, Oral, Jerk Off, Safe Sex, Rimming
STARS: Claudio, Marques, Alonzo, Guilherme, Delmer, Wanderson, Troy, Luca, Gilberto, Fausto
RATING: 5 (out of 5) has picked 10 of the hottest Brazilian men for their new series Rio Uncut. This first volume features 3 hardcore sex scenes, and four solos. I hope this initial volume leads to a series of many, many more erotic encounters between some of the fynest Brazilian men you could ever lay your eyes on.

Claudio & Marques open up the film in the shower. We get a glimpse of both of their thick, uncut rods. Some hot oral and jerk off action ensues. Then we are treated to a rough doggystyle fuck, followed by cowboy position, and a standing doggy. An even rougher mish leads to two large and creamy cum shots. This was an excellent opening scene!

Scene two has Alonzo on the beach modeling. He has a great tan and a very sexy muscular body. We see him inside, and he disrobes for us. He exposes his very large and thick, uncut dick. He even has big balls. (I?m in heaven!) Alonzo jerks off in various positions. He even gives us a peak at that nice ass. We see his hot creamy cum shot from his big dick head onto his pecs. A very hot solo!

Guilherme & Delmer are the next couple to share the screen. They both have sexy nipple rings. After an oral session that included rimming, ball sucking and dick sucking, the scene is dominated by a hot mish on the floor. There are two jerked cum shots. Scene four introduces us to Wanderson. He is on the beach modeling some sexy swim trunks. Wanderson has a sexy athletic build. Wanderson jerks his big dick on the couch and on the bed. He moans and his thick ooze spurts all over his stomach and thighs.

Troy is the highlight from the solo scenes. The fifth scene starts with him dropping his pants in a hotel room. Troy is a mocha brutha, with a muscular build. He has a beautiful ass and an incredible dick. Troy is a Brazilian Adonis! Troy jerks off on the bed, and moans with passion as a huge cumload erupts from his beautiful uncut dick. This is a scene I replayed ... over and over again?just to hear his moans, and to see that cum shoot out of that masterpiece of a dick!

The highlight from the hardcore sex scenes follows Troy?s incredible solo scene. Luca & Gilberto disrobe in a hotel room. Luca eats Gilberto?s ass, and then Gilberto swallows Luca?s curved uncut rod. The way Gilberto sucks on Luca?s dick, it?s almost as if he were worshipping it. He takes his time, and sucks it all in. The couple starts off with a rough doggy, then move into a rough mish. Followed by Luca pounding his ass in a standing doggy. After another intense mish and doggy, the couple cums on themselves. The sex was so hot in this scene. Luca has an incredible body?great pecs. To see him tear up Gilberto?s ass?DAMN?it made me nutt real hard!

The final scene is a solo scene starring Fausto. We first see him modeling on the beach. He disrobes indoors. Fausto has a nice muscular body and a great dick. He jerks vigorously until his thick, creamy cum lands on his tanned body. This was a perfect closing scene for a scorching movie.

Fans of handsome Latino men must pick this DVD up! Each scene has a muscular Brazilian man shooting their hot jizz for your viewing pleasure. The scenes starring Troy, and the coupling of Luca & Gilberto, are the highlights of the movie. But every scene is guaranteed to milk you until u cream.-- Papi Chulo