Why couldn't there be this type of Sport around when I was in school? Watch as this cutie shows you his athletic abilities on and off the field. He will amaze you with his many talents, whether he's licking, sucking or fucking. This playboy guarantees a home run to any sexy nigga that wants to step up to plate.

SPORT: First off I wanna give a shout to the many readers of Flavamen, I hope y'all enjoyed the first issue and I mos def hope that you enjoy this one as well.
CHINO: Well damn, I thought that the interviewer is supposed to start things off not the interviewee.
SPORT: Sup my nigga, I just thought we'd switch things up a lil bit nah mean? And besides yo, change is always good.
CHINO: Aight playa I?ll let you get that one. At any rate I'm bout to take control so ease up.
SPORT: (Laughs) Yea nigga I likes dat!
CHINO: So sexy where are you from?
SPORT: Miami is and will always be my hometown, feel me. The shit is always banging there.
CHINO: Got you. Why model for Flavamen? I?m sure you get and have gotten a lot of offers before.
SPORT: First off, the name fits the magazine. I mean the first issue was on point and so was the models, they all had flava. I seen a good bit of magazines in my time and this joint is on some new shit as far as the style, the bio's and the extra added features so when I got the call to do the shoot I jumped at da chance.
CHINO: Did you get to see the pictures yet?

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