Video Reviews

Dorm Life 7: Hot & Creamy

RUNNING TIME: 2 hrs 15 min
TYPE: Black Men, Thugs, Threesomes, Group Sex, Facials, Gang Bang, Cum Ingestion, Chain Fucking, Bukkake
STARS: Adicktion, Chino, Devin, Fine Charles, Krave, Markell, Pimp, Que, Sexy Hustlah, Shiri, Shorty J, Storm, Tae, Yami
RATING: 5 (out of 5)

Getting dominant thug Krave, juicy boy-toy Yami, true cockmeister Adicktion and versatile-as-fuck Pimp onto one bed would be any brotha-lover?s fantasy, and these horny homies pair off quick, with Yami working on Krave?s cock while Pimp and Adicktion taste each other. Chino, watching all the while, gives up and enters the action ? enters Adicktion, that is, fucking the brotha doggie-style before all the golden-brown beauties bust some major nut ? all over themselves, and each other.

Dominant as fuck for a dude with the face of a kid, Krave opens the next scene slurping and kissing on the face of the angelic, barely-legal-looking Yami ? who in turn kisses and licks on Krave like the two of them have been lovers for years. The boy?s anxious to get to that dick, though, and is sucking on Krave?s prick right away, blowing a brother with a passion only a teenage could muster, getting into that phyne, curved dark cock and Krave?s delicious black balls.

Yami sits on Krave?s prick for a baloney-pony ride before Krave gets his baby brotha?s knees in his own face to fuck Yami like crazy ? Yami grinning like ?Oh yeah, baby!? The boys jerk off to enough jizz to drown a midget before French-kissing their thanks to each other, lips slurping and sucking.

Something hot is cooking in the kitchen next, as Shorty J gets some oral attention from Adicktion and Yami on the counter near the sink ? while a few feet away, on a free-standing countertop of their own, Krave and Markell are getting their freak on.

Adicktion wastes no time in getting his 8+ inches down Markell?s throat, fucking his face as Shorty J fights Krave for tonguing Markell?s sweet cherryhole. Krave gives up and lets him have it, instead draping yummy Yami over the counter before ramming his fat tongue all up in Yami?s wet behind. These fuckers are freaks, and when Shorty J is tonguing Markell?s booty as he hangs half-off the counter to rim Adicktion as that dude stands bent over ? damn, what a chain! All while Krave is attacking baby-faced Yami?s rectum with his mouth like the world is about to end ? it?s enough to make your own balls burst in orgasm, even before the fucking starts.

For the final scene ? man, it?s impossible to chronicle this shit, with 14 phyne-ass niggas all in one room for an orgy to end all orgies ? everyone tasting everyone else, the lube flowing, the freaks unleashed on each other in a free-for-all of sucking and fucking. Some of the boys look barely legal (Sexy Hustlah, for example), and their big brothas take full advantage of the situation, displaying tight young cherry asshole by getting their baby bros to put their legs up in the air for the camera. Newcummer Devin (the standout of the ?newbies? in this scene, along with Sexy Hustlah ? and Fine Charles with his fine face and his phyne big brown cock) can?t get enough dick, sucking on black hose and balls with the hunger of a pro already. Fine Charles has the dick to die for, and Devin almost does, choking on it like it?s his last meal before he goes to the electric chair. Every brotha is sexy and sexed-up ? every dick and ass licked and/or poked ? but the standouts, again, are Fine Charles and Devin; when Fine Charles eats out Devin?s butthole, the look on Devin?s face (like he can hardly take it) will you feel the spit in your own ass, dripping along the crack. In fact, several dudes get a taste (or fingerful) of Devin ? Markell, Shorty J ? and it?s not hard to see why. The boy is cute as hell, with a tight caramel body and an ass you could eat (or fuck) ?til doomsday.

Until the most angelic of the bunch, baby-faced Sexy Hustlah, sticks a bowl under his chin and sticks out his pierced tongue, taking into his mouth the cum of his brothas as the rest falls to land in the bowl. And at the end, with the urging and help of the skinny super-freak Storm, this little baby-faced thug shoots his own load into the bowl, as storms scoops up the excess from the boy?s dick, feeding the kid his own jizz ? before making the kid pour the entire contents of the cum-filled bowl ? all that hot and creamy over his own body and face. As it streams down his cheek, chest, and body, Storm starts to kissing Sexy Hustlah, and licking all down the boy?s hard little body, tasting the mixed cum of his brothas ? even as a big black dick comes into view, going down Sexy Hustlah?s baby throat again, making the boy suck as the scene fades to black ?

If you don?t come at least four times while watching this phyne fuck flick ? each time you watch this phyne fuck flick ? you are one dead bitch. With each new piece of pie CocoDorm gives ya in their Dorm Life series, the taste gets sweeter and sweeter.

I Dare You

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 40 min
TYPE: Black Men, Thugs, Crime, Masturbation
STUDIO: Tyson Cane Videos
STARS: Brandon Aguilar, The Dicksman, Junior Delacruz, Austin Edwards, Marty Mario, J Scorpion
RATING: 4 (out of 5)

The Dicksman gets Brandon on his knees and sticks his ass with the huge brown boner, pumping the muscular ass of his bitch as Brandon ? at first grinning, then face contorting as he really feels it ? sucks all that cock up his hole, feeling every inch as The Dicksman does the bump and grind in his anus, fucking his Latin boy-toy to the balls.

Marty Mario hears a knock at his apartment door next .. he receives a double dare, meaning he must have sex with the man whose photo is included with the letter ? and that someone else has been sent the same dare: to have sex with the same man. Marty ? sexy, masculine, with long braids and an air of Blatino machismo ? calls up to his friend in the same building (J Scorpion), asking him to come down a minute so he can show him something.

J Scorpion is a tall, thick, brotha dipped in sweet caramel. Getting Marty further up on the counter, J jams his big pink tongue up his friend?s asshole ? before J slowly opens Marty?s butt with his huge black billy club, forcing all of his beef up Marty?s holiest of holies ? growling ?Yeeeaaahhhh,? as he feels that hot little hole wrap around his prick. Building up speed, he pounds Marty until the macho thug is whimpering over the counter top; pulling him to a standing position, J uses his hard, muscled body to really dig deep into his friend?s ass, ramming him, Marty gasping for either air or mercy as J holds onto his should and picks up speed, the two boys fucking standing up ?

J Scorpion, the dude evidently mentioned in the letter, gets lured into sex again with a pale Latin dude (Junior Delacruz) who?s gotten J away from his boyfriend long enough to immediately pull the black brotha?s pants down, sucking on that black boner with the shade-lighter head. Junior wants to kiss, but J pushes him roughly back down on a scarred wooden table before sticking his dark boner up that pale little ass, Junior stroking his own uncut cock as J plunges deep inside the fiery Latin prince ??cause that pale Latin ass is his, and ain?t nothing gonna fuckin? stop him from taking it.

Newcummer Tom Gay (skinny cute white boy) heads to a 24-hour video store, where the clerk (Austin Edwards) eyes him before Tom runs into The Dicksman over in the video section. He follows him into a booth ? where Skyy and Cee Kay-1 open the door to find Tom on his knees, sucking Dicksman. Not to be outdone, the two black dudes get it on ? Skyy dropping to his knees to service Cee?s huge slab of manmeat ? as, out front, beefy Austin Edwards locks up the store to go back to the video booths, pissed off ?cause the guys aren?t dropping quarters ?

Instead showing up with a dildo, and getting naked ? Edwards making out with Cee and The Dicksman as Skyy and Tom Gay play hosts in their throats to all of the hot cock hanging before their faces, the topmen making sure in particular that Tom?s throat is stuffed with both black and white dick until he can hardly breathe ? until Tom takes over, to trade off on all three big cocks, before the topmen get Tom and Skyy on their knees, poking their asses with three fingers each, opening them up for the real attack to come as Austin inserts that impossibly fat, pink dildo up Tom?s hole, the little white dude grunting hard in pain, his mouth stuffed with Cee?s huge slab of black beef as Cee orders Tom to lick his balls ? Tom being Cee?s total bitch now, to do with whatever he likes.

Then it?s The Dicksman?s turn to shove that King Kong dildo up Tom, smacking the white boy?s ass as three of Austin?s fingers slide deeply ? along with some of his spit ? into Skyy?s little black boy booty, Austin prepping the college-aged boy for more ?

Tyson Cane?s game of I Dare You is a sweet idea, fully realized ? a hot fuck flick with ten extraordinarily sexy men of black, Latino, and white persuasion ? featuring a game you may want to start up on your own.

THE AMERICAN CITY: The Fac(ials)es of New York

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 48 min
TYPE: Interracial, Latin, Oral, Ass Play, Condoms, Facials, Couples, Threesomes
STUDIO: Global Media Int?l/Latino Fan Club
STARS: Caleb Andrews, Alejandro, Viper, Scarface, Johnny Biddulph, Charlie Moore, Adam Barrera, Mat Newmark, Alan Jones, Randy Knight
RATING: 2 (out of 5)

KEVIN CLARKE?s The American City: The Fac(ials)es of New York is a collection of five vignettes starring the beautiful city of New York. This movie could have been so much better. First of all the loud techno music is very distracting. I did not watch the movie for the soundtrack. Secondly, only three out of the five vignettes had facials. With the word ?facial? in the title, I expected more facials. There were only two scenes that I would consider worthy enough to view, the Mat/Alan/Scarface threesome and the Alejandro/Viper/ Randy threesome. Each ended with a nice creamy facial. My favorite threesome of the two was the one starring Latino Fan Club Super Stars Alejandro & Viper plowing Randy Knight. This was the perfect ending to a rather lukewarm film.


RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 26 mins
TYPE: Latin, Oral, Couples, Threesomes, Ass Play, Multiple Partners, Masturbation
STUDIO: Latino Fan Club
STARS: Oliver, Alejandro, G.Q., Viper, Domingo, Junior, Luis, The General, Pete Ramos, Joey Albano, J.T., Homicide
RATING: 4.5 (out of 5)

LATINO FAN CLUB rarely has a disappointing release. Dr. Penis Erectus showcases some of their best studs. Out of the six scenes, half were just oral and half were action scenes. Each scene had some of the hottest men from Latino Fan Club. The scenes were well done, each ending with an explosively creamy cum shot. Some of the highlights were the scenes involving G.Q. riding Alejandro and Viper?s massive cocks. Another must see scene is chapter five! If my doctor?s office were like this, I would be getting a physical every week!

FREAK FACTOR: Looking For a Host

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 34 mins
TYPE: Latin, Black, Interracial, Oral, Rimming, Ass Play, Couples, Threesomes, Rough Sex, Condoms
STUDIO: Tyson & Vega Videos
STARS: Junior Delacruz, Jean Claude Mular, Favien Jones, Dimitri Santiago, Kitt Carter, Felipe Carson, Manny Ortiz, Dawan Paterson, Enrico Vega, Malachai Tyson
RATING: 5 (out of 5)

TYSON & VEGA VIDEOS presents Freak Factor: Looking For a Host, a hot new feature directed by Enrico Vega (who also happens to star in the film.) Freak Factor is the kind of movie that will make you pre-cum from beginning to end. It boasts two scorching threesomes that pairs Manny/Felipe/Dimitri and Jean Claude/Favien/Junior together. My favorite scene was the pairing of Enrico Vega with Dawan Paterson. Dawan has to have one of the ?bootifullest? asses that I have ever seen. Watching Enrico?s fat uncut dick go inside that beautiful bubble butt can make me cum over and over without touching myself. Freak Factor has the hottest pairings and the best threesomes! Freak Factor is a must buy!


RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 40 mins
TYPE: Group Sex, Interracial, Daddies/Sons, Bears, Piercings/Tattoos, Double Penetration
STUDIO: Titan Media
STARS: Markus, Rocco, Stretch, Joshua, Cobalt, Jay, Nate, Robbi, Logan
RATING: 4 (out of 5)

For someone not really into daddies or bears, it was amazing to find this 9-man taped orgy so hot I could have come without touching myself. First off, the young bottoms know how to take big dick, whimpering and groaning like crazy (I want Robbi!),while Markus ? the black dude, naturally ? can fuck some puckering man-cherry. But Joshua? Shiiiiitttt, that is one hot and hung piece of Latin beef! Seeing his hard body and purely masculine face tense in pain as he takes Markus up his ass ? well, that and Robbi and watching little sexy Cobalt ? both taking and giving hard dick ? turned the fire up on this orgy, and got my own dick spraying on a lazy summer afternoon.

JALAPE?O PAPIS ? Mi Pinga es su Pinga

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 08 mins
TYPE: Latin, Solos, Couples, Oral, Condoms, Ass Play
STUDIO: High Drive Productions/
STARS: Boom Boom, Cesar, Juan, Julio, Tommie, Darle, Timmy, Michael
RATING: 0 (out of 5)

JALAPE?O PAPIS ? MI PINGA ES SU PINGA is a jerk off film with one hardcore action scene. I can?t believe that a film with the word ?jalape?o? in the title doesn?t have any heat! I have seen jerk off films that can make me bust with each solo, this movie doesn?t even get me hard. Well ? the hardcore pairing of Boom Boom and Tommie did make my dick throb ? but that was it! I was very disappointed with this movie. A film with such promise ? that turned into such a disappointment! If you want to get a movie that will get you to stop jerking off?buy this one!


RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 20 mins
TYPE: Black Men, Crime, Interracial, Straight Men/Gay Sex, Threesomes
STUDIO: Blatino Connection
STARS: Rock, Black Diamond, Big Daddy, Jonny Dixx, Duvios
RATING: 3 (out of 5)

This movie had both it?s hot and cold moments. Rock is one hot thug, the best thing about the film as he plays a dude so pushed to the limits by his need for money, he turns to a life of crime. His first break in nets him ZERO dollars, so he gets his dawg Jonny to come back to fuck up the dude he tried to rob ? only to take his anger out on the guy?s friend instead. ANY scene with Rock in it, and this film burns on the screen; he?s a total thug, sexy as hell. The rest of the cast is cool, but Black Diamond gets kind of tired after awhile; he thinks he about 50% hotter than he really is. Each of the 3-stars rating goes to Rock, who thugs this movie UP!


RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 25 mins
TYPE: Black Men, Thugs, Hustling, Crime, Threesomes, Masturbation, Straight Men/Gay Sex
STUDIO: Blatino Connection
STARS: Rock, Big Daddy, Back Bone, GQ, Hercules, ?The Twins? Sean & John, Mikel
RATING: 3 (out of 5)

A 2-star movie with a twist at the end that bumps it up a star, Dealers 2 has a few shining moments ? drug dealer leader Rock ordering his lazy-ass homies to go down on him (and each other) when he catches them sitting at home when they?re supposed to be out making money; and the sight of the thick, honey-colored Big Daddy dominating (and pulverizing) Back Bone?s dark ass. Other than that, pretty standard stuff ? until the end, when thug dealer Extreme is paid a visit by two friends ? twin brothers, Sean and John, that the lucky Extreme gets to suck and suck and suck to orgasm. If you can get past the envy, that scene should make you come even though the brothers barely touch each other. GQ is a hot bottom in his scene with Hercules, once the hunky Herc gets into it, but overall the film is an average tale of tail ? with an above average threesome toward the end.


RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 20 mins
TYPE: Oral, Facials, Young Men, Cum Ingestion, Amateur, Older Men
STUDIO: Treasure Island Media
STARS: Joey Sommers, Erich Lange, Mike, John, Jason, Markie, Timmy, Ray, Ryan, Alex, Jeremy, Damon Dogg (special appearance by JC Carter)
RATING: 5 (out of 5)

Paul Morris and Treasure Island Media have put together eight more scenes of men who just can?t get enough of sucking dick and drinking cum. Young guys with angelic faces take loads shot into the back of their throats ? Erich Lange gets all the way down a horny straight Latino who?s so turned on he sucks some dick himself ? and porn legend JC Carter get glorious via a glory hole in San Francisco. Hot, white man-gravy spews everywhere, feeding these thirsty, horny jizz-hounds, who lap up every drop with a sticky-sweet smile ? a few of the guys (John, and especially the incredibly cute Timmy ? wow!) look barely this side of eighteen ? even as they suck dick much older than they are.


RUNNING TIME: 2 hr 20 mins
TYPE: Straight Men/Gay Sex, Threesomes, Older Men/Younger Men, Interracial
STUDIO: Titan Media
STARS: Spencer Quest, Ben Jakks, Cliff Rhodes, Markus Ram, Dylan West, Owen Hawk, Zack Evans Jake Hansen
RATING: 5 (out of 5)

Sex scenes are hot, especially when the players involved are supposedly straight. Titan is good at probing the kinky corners of your mind (nearly 2-1/2 hours in length, this movie takes its time exploring), and in this one the TIO (Titan Intelligence Organization) is a hard-ass network of spies that doesn?t allow fuck ups by its members. So when operatives Dylan (hubba-hubba-hubby material) West and Owen Hawke bring back the wrong info, TIO Director Spencer Quest gets off on making the two he-men have sex with each other, in a long seen where both boys show their ? versatility. Ben Jakks is his usually powderkeg of manhood as a top, too, and the last scene is a mean-spirited fuckfest of Markus Ram punishing Quest for his being a shit ? but MAN, if Matt Damon and Tom Cruise ever had a lovechild, he would be Zack Evans ? again, here playing a ?straight?-like boy who drinks a serum that will make him do whatever he is told (WHERE CAN I BUY A SIX-PACK?) ? a situation that Dr. Cliff Rhodes takes full advantage of ? and you will HATE him with jealousy for it!


RUNNING TIME: 2 hr 10 mins
TYPE: Black Men, Thugs, Threesomes, Group Sex, Barebacking, Facials, Chain Fucking, Cum Ingestion
STUDIO: Flava Works
STARS: Shorty J, Pimp, Platinum, Chino, Pnetraytor, Supreme, Gucciboy, Hardcore
RATING: 4 (out of 5)

Raw is the word, for sure, ?cause that?s how the asses get fucked in this barebacking brothafest. Big black dick entering tiny black hole, with spit as the major lube, makes for some raw fucking, as thugs like Pimp or Pnetraytor plug ass and fuck throat, in sizzling scenes from duos and trios to the four dudes who fuck in the end (this reviewer wants more of the sexy-azz Hardcore, a light-skinned bruh whos? the sweetest bottom ya seen in awhile, but can fuck like a man, too!) Watching hardcore top Chino getting fucked is always a treat, but watch for newcummer Tajai, in his scene with Shorty J and the sexy-as-fuck Pimp. The dudes turn Tajai into a human pin cushion, and by the time they?re done tearing his ass open I was squirming in my chair, feeling his pain. The guys in this flick not only don?t use condoms, they seem to fuck as harder for it, turning buttholes to mulch in a fan-fucking-tastic start to a new series you?re gonna want to collect from the beginning!


TYPE: Wrestling, Black Men, Thugs, Spanking
STARS: Foxx, Xtreme
RATING: 3 (out of 5)

At only an hour long, this ruffneck wrestling flick isn?t much on time ? or on action either, unless you?re more into fighting than sex (though for some of us ? what?s the difference?) Foxx is the honey-colored bruh with the naps, Xtreme his dark-skinned thuggish competition. From word these two go at it like they?re trying to seriously hurt each other, choke holds and punches and headlocks traded all over the mats laid out in the room, the fights a hell of a lot more real than anything the WWF could dream up. It?s cool ? sweaty brothas groping and pulling on each other, wearing microshorts and often with their asses or private parts buried in the other dude?s face ? I could watch that anytime. But it just seems like ya spend the whole hour just waiting for some dick sucking ? some spit swapping ? shit, even some damned frontal nudity! But that usually doesn?t happen in wrestling videos, so if you like them this could be your thing ? but for this reviewer what ain?t hardcore is hardBORE.