Itís a kind of brisk early spring morning for south Florida, but the sky is clear and the sun is bright in my eyes as Iím taking my usual morning run through my neighbor-hood with Lil Wayne blaring on my ipod. So, Iím cruising along at a nice pace and I notice a garbage truck pass me by. I al-most trip on a crack in the sidewalk when I see what jumps off the side of it. This hot 5í7Ē chulo was looking like a straight up latin king in a jumpsuit with a yellow bandanna wrapped around his head and headphones around his neck. He gives me that infamous ďlookĒ as I trot past him and I know that I have just discovered another exquisite Flava Men treasure. The only thing was, he didnít know it yet and I had no idea how I was going to approach him.

I had no business cards on me and didnít want to sound like a fucking perv or mass murderer inviting dude to get naked and pose for me out of the blue, so I decided to act like I needed a job and wanted to find out how I could become a garbage man.

The man laughed at me.

He was like, ďIs that the best line you could come up wit?Ē He thought I was hitting on him and I was embarrassed as hell. His co-workers were watching, so I did my best to mask the lust building in my crotch while going on about how I really needed a job, and how I was willing to do whatever I had to do in order to make ends meet. I guess he bought it, cause he slipped me his number. At that point I didnít know if I was going to get him down the Flava Men studios, but I was pretty sure Iíd get his ass naked.

When I called him up, I explained where I worked and what I really wanted him to do, and he was at my crib within an hour. He thought I wanted him to pose at my house! I told him that the days of photo shoots in our garages had long passed, but Iíd be more than happy to see what he was working with. He stripped right there on the spot, revealing a nicely toned honey brown body and a giant 10Ē dick. I jumped up, emailed my boss, sent him some quick snap-shots and the rest is history. Iím not going to say what happened in my apartment after that, but I will say the brother can definitely have a career in videos if he wants one.

I caught up with Flamez after his photo shoot and sat down to talk to him about the whole experience.

ELMO JACKSON: Good to see you again, Flamez.
FLAMEZ: Good to see you too, EJ.
ELMO JACKSON: How did it go for you, today? I know you called last night, nervous as hell.
FLAMEZ: Man, I didnít get a lick of sleep. I hope I donít have bags and shit under my eyes. Once the camera started clickiní I was straight though.
ELMO JACKSON: I think your photo shoot was hot, man. Your body was a whole lot tighter than I remembered it being.
FLAMEZ: Yeah, I tried to tone up a little bit for it.
ELMO JACKSON: You looked like you were actually having fun out there. Are you sure this was your first time?

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