Welcome home Shabazz! It is really exciting to be welcoming home a pro that left us for a while. Shabazz is back and he is here to take on all the dick that he left behind and tackle some of the new dick that was not around when he was here before. I am your boy Ken Marino and I am glad to have him back on the team, because his fans have really missed him. This sexy New Yorker with a long pretty 8” dick and seductive brown eyes is the one who always gets things heated up on set. I was with him in Miami as he did his hot shoot that welcomed him back into the limelight.

KEN MARIANO: First off let me be the first to welcome you home. You couldn’t go without fucking could you?
SHABAZZ: *laughs* Thank you for the warm welcome. And please don’t get it twisted I was still getting my fuck on.
KEN MARIANO: Oh my bad! Well still welcome back.
SHABAZZ: Thanks!
KEN MARIANO: So what have you been up to since you left the dorm?
SHABAZZ: I have really just been focused on myself and regrouping. I think I am a little more focused this time around.
KEN MARIANO: What would you say you are more focused on?
SHABAZZ: Getting more dick in my life.
KEN MARIANO: *laughs* So you are ready to come back out of retirement.
SHABAZZ: *laughs* I wouldn’t say that I actually retired. Maybe semi-retired if that is such a thing.
KEN MARIANO: It’s your world Shabazz, so if you want that to be a word its up to you.
SHABAZZ: Thanks! You are treating me very privileged and I feel very special.

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