Video Reviews


STARS: Richi, Rosta, Sasha, Tom, Thomas, Pavel, Petr
DIRECTED BY: Peter Cameron
EDITED BY: Peter Cameron (Final Editing: Mark Parker)
RUNNING TIME: 1 hour, 35 minutes
TYPE: Barebacking, Young/European Men, Outdoor Sex, Facials, Voyeurism
STUDIO: Hot Desert Knights, Inc.s
BONUS FEATURES: Loads of Cum (cumshots), XXX Photo Gallery, Previews, Screensaver, Weblinks
CONDOM USAGE: None; all bareback action
RATING: 4 (out of 5)

Guess I'd better state it before it becomes obvious, anyway: I would marry Richi in a heartbeat. Haven't seen a kid like him come across my TV screen with such magnetism and sex appeal in a long time - PERIOD. That said, I would drop to my knees for him OR Tom any day - and that's where this movie is a winner. Tom and Richi are two hot, horny European buddies who decide one day to rent a car and drive around the city (an unidentified city somewhere in Europe), where they will use the car to try and pick up some equally cute and horny boys for some scorching, barebacking sex. The plot works (and when you see Tom and Richi, you will know - they could have rented a freaking TRICYLE and still gotten action!), and the subsequent scenes alternate as one boy turns his trick inside out while the other films the action. This is The Little Movie That Could, a great film, if you like them young, hung, and passionate in their pursuit of getting off - Tom and Richi both the kind of guys many of us spend half our lives wishing we could wake up next to. Woof!


STARS: Breion Diamond, Mac Jones, Prophet, Krave, Prince Junior, Baby Boy
DIRECTED BY: Truman Winfrey
EDITED BY: Rin Valentyne
RUNNING TIME: 2 hours, 7 minutes
TYPE: Black Men, Thugs, Barebacking, Facials
STUDIO: FlavaWorks
BONUS FEATURES: Trailers, All Scenes for iPod, High Res Model Photos
CONDOM USAGE: None - not a hint of latex in sight.
RATING: 3 (out of 5)

No doubt - Breion is a horny mothafucka who "specializes" in two area - da man about dies every time his dick is sucked, and eats ass like he's going to the chair afterward. That said, the star makes the movie here, and if you like Breion you'll like this 2+ hours of sucking and fucking and bareback ass-fucking. Baby Boy is beautiful as ever, Krave can sit on this face anytime, and even Prince Junior - in a skinny-boy ruffneck way - is a nice ass-licking surprise. BUT - all that said, this one falls short of the scorching Breion's Dorm by failing to change up the models more. For real, of the seven sex scenes, Prophet (who I do love) is in six of them - spotlighted so much with Breion, tha flick shoulda been called Breion and Prophet in the Raw. And what is up with Baby Boy and Krave having such tiny-ass parts to play in their scenes? They're practically cameos. This reviewer would have liked to see more variety in the beautiful brown flesh - and the fucking in some scenes is so short-lived, you could miss it if ya blink - but the barebacking is hot and no doubt so are Breion and Prophet... and if ya like them together, you'll love this one fo' sho'!


STARS: Baby Boy, Charles Bernard, Hot Boi, Ty Slim, Sean John, Jay Torney, Isaac Cane
RUNNING TIME: 1 hour, 30 minutes
TYPE: Black Men
RATING: 4 (out of 5)

The sequel to the good-but-nothing spectacular first in the series, BL.A.cks in Da House 2 showcases more Los Angeles- based (hence the capital "L.A." in the title) brothas who don't mind sucking and fucking on camera... and benefits, again, from the appearance of the sexy, unspoiled beauty that is Jay Torney (Lord, what this reviewer wouldn't do to play bottom for THAT boy!). Jay is in two scenes here, both of them volcanic as he both tops and bottoms in the film - but the sequel is ultimately better than the first by the entire cast, as the men here seem totally into their sex scenes. No acting here, none of the models in this one, in fact, seem into it for the paycheck, as some did in part one. Baby Boy is damned cute, and Hot Boi is one of the other new finds for the movie who makes one hot-as-hell bottom. All of the models, in fact, are great in this one. But as long as Jay Torney shows his prowess - as both top and bottom - in the series, the films will not only be worth owning, but worth repeated viewing... dick in hand every time.


STARS: Vito, Pimp, Chino, Chique, Sayvion, Scorpio, Breion, Romeo, Sky, Carmell, C. Mack, Saint D., Baby Boy, Keishawn, Shorty J, Tajai, Ja'Kari, Brent, Sensai
DIRECTED BY: Truman Winfrey
EDITED BY: Rin Valentyne
RUNNING TIME: 2 hours, 30 minutes
TYPE: Black Men, Thugs, Facials
STUDIO: FlavaWorks
BONUS FEATURES: Carmell, Ja'Kari & Sensai's "Confessions," cast bios, trailers, All Scenes for iPod, High Res Model Photos
CONDOM USAGE: Condoms used in every scene (though cum is ingested orally)
RATING: 4 (out of 5)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the dorms... where most series fizzle by around the third installment, Dorm Life bucks the trend by making film number eight not only a worthy addition to the collection - but hotter than most of the ones that came before it (though can anything top that 9-man orgy from Part 7?). Vito and Pimp start it off with a romantic fuckfest (and brotha, is it HOT to see Pimp bottom again!), and up-and-coming porn legend of the future Breion shows off his usual bionic hips when pounding ass (one of the best topmen in the business). But where DL8 shines is in the casting - this one mixes new faces with familiar dicks and ass, and serves up six mind (and dick) -blowing scenes in the process (including two 6-man orgies!). C. Mack had BEST come back for more work (especially if that rugged niggah bottoms), and Baby Boy and Brent are two of the hottest bottoms/ cocksuckers who are always welcomed in this boy's DVD player. Ya gotta buy this one, man, with its 2.5-hour running time and wall-to-wall sucking and fucking - all done by the hottest thugs to ever enroll at a college (and again, where is MY application?).


STARS: Tony Rondo, Scarface, Joieto, Jovani, Syco Eddie, Mafia, G.Q., Angel, Carlos Diablo, Creem, Alejandro, Xavier
DIRECTED BY: Brian Brennan
RUNNING TIME: 1 hour, 25 minutes
TYPE: Latinos, Facials, Thugs
STUDIO: Latino Fan Club
BONUS FEATURES: Peeping Juan preview precedes movie
CONDOM USAGE: Yes, for all anal action
RATING: 4 (out of 5)

I gotta admit, the models alone in this one had my head spinning like Linda Blair in The Exorcist; I would crawl out of my deathbed to get with Xavier, Jovani, or Scarface. And these three thugs/lugs are why this addition to the Latino Fan Club library is worth ownership alone - their scenes sexual, sexy, and worthy of busting your nut. The information/trivia on the history of foreskin (and director Brian Brennan's crusade to keep cock uncircumcised) is even interesting without being intrusive. But as with all LFC productions, you can't have it both ways - the macho, mostly-straight models normally aren't up for more than stroking off or getting head, which means Brennan's movies tend to have a dearth of hardcore scenes compared to 99% of all other porn. When the boys are hot as they are in this one, though, that matters not; what you have here are men worthy of being stared at - in scenes worthy of being stroked to - the lack of hardcore action only a minor distraction, when you have uncut dudes of THIS quality to ogle!