Letters to the Editor

Hey FlavaMen,

I received my spring issue of FlavaMen and Iím still hard from the photoshoot of Jay D. Iíd be willing to offer myself up to that dude so he can find out what itís like fucking a guy in the ass. I guarantee he would be coming back for more. I love the way his dick curves and can imagine what it would be like inside of me. I know I would be able to bring a smile to that brooding face. This is just a fantasy, but a dude can dream.

Hard and Horny

Dear FlavaMen,

Damn that was a hot spread with Baby Boy and Robson Costa! Does that Baby Boy enjoy dick as much as it seems in those photos? Either in his mouth or up his ass you can tell heís having a hot time. I saw Baby Boy in Las Vegas in January at the AVN show, and was thrilled to see him in the spring issue of FlavaMen. Where can I see more of him?

A Fan

Weíll have Baby Boy features again in a later issue of FlavaMen, but check out our list of prides and events, he will be autographing at a number of cities throughout the year.

Dear Sir,

Today must be my lucky day because for the first time I found one of your exciting FlavaMen magazines (Fall 2005 Vol.1 No. 4) in one of our adult shops here in Cape Town.

For some reason this type of magazine is stocked inconsistently and is very annoying if one canít get each issue.

I herewith would like to order all your back issues and also your next 8 issues (for the next 2 years) if this is possible.

Could you kindly send me a bill for the above and I will send you an international money order immediately thereafter.

N.B.: do I have to order your DVDís via the Internet or can I order them as well with an ordinary letter like this one? Could you kindly advise me on this important issue?

I am looking forward from hearing from you soon and I am confident that this will be the start of a long and fruitful relationship between FlavaMen and myself.

Yours Sincerely

Dear Mike,
Thanks for your interest in FlavaMen magazine and weíre very happy to hear that we are being enjoyed in South Africa. The easiest way to order videos is to either go online at www.CocoStore.com, or use the order form at the back of this issue of FlavaMen.

We too are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you, and please write us at anytime.


I was at a friends house and he put on the FlavaMen DVD, Freshman Year vol 1-2. We didnít make it all the way through the first time we watched it, we both blew our loads about a third of the way through! I had to go back several more times to see the whole DVD. It was unbeleivable to see all those hot men from the magazine in action. I am ordering the second DVD vol 3-4. Please ship it the fastest way possible. Add me to your mailing list, I donít want to miss out on any more DVDs or magazines you put out.

Thank you