Alex Flex

Amidst all the sexyazz straight, bi and taken brothas, it's with pride that we say this issue's cover- boi is not only a brotha-on-brotha kind of brotha ... he's also single! Add to that he's young, fine as shyt, and has a face, body and dick that would make the raunchiest of thugs crawl da streets to get to ... and you got Alex Flex, tha cherry on top of the sundae that IS tha summer dudes in this issue.

We got amazing pride for this month's cover-man in particular, because Alex started his way in the industry as a Coco Dorm model ... and has since worked his way up to being the Dorm Manager and Flavaworks spokesperson; this be tha dude you got to answer to if you want to stay in tha dorm, but turn out to be a bad boy. Alex Flex keeps it real, keeps it safe, keeps da bois in check ... and still maintains that amazing body and a sense of humor that makes this Dorm Manager as easy to talk to as he is to look at.

LEX: First off, bruh, gotta say - tha dragon and Spider-man tats are killer.
ALEX: Thanks; I been into comic books since I was maybe five. I even drew some when I was little, just kid shit creatin' my own comics and stuff.
LEX: You're covered in tattoos, my brotha.
ALEX: Yeah, tha first one I got was when I was fourteen - it's the "LEX" on my right arm. I don't regret getting it ... I just should have waited; didn't really take care of it right. Me bein' so young and all.
LEX: Well, you look none the worse from it, especially with that body.
ALEX: Thanks, life keeps me in shape. But I also try to work out at least five times a week, too.
LEX: Man, you look masculine as hell, have that bass voice - and your not only gay, you're a bottom. You really break da stereotypes, man.
ALEX: Well shit,- that's what it's about? There are all kinds of impressions people have out there about that black male as it is - let alone if you're also gay, but happen to act more like a man than a female. You got no idea how many times I go to a gay bar, and the occasional dude says to me, "Bro, I think you in da wrong place." Especially once they hear me say something. I feel like you attract to you what you present to the world.
LEX: Man, I bet when they do realize you're gay, all the little fem brothas run up to you like you was an ice cream truck.
ALEX: Yeah! And I got nothin' against a brotha - gay or straight, girly or manly - but dude, for real, I gotta weed through a lotta bottoms before I find a good, decent topman.
LEX: That why you're single?

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