This Philadelphia hotboy is the object of many men?s wet dreams. I first met Heat in Philly a couple of years ago at a local gym and even back then the body was on point. A very friendly Heat approached me and asked if I needed to be spotted and that was kewl so we ended up doing our remaining sets together.

After the workout we stopped at a diner on the corner and got our grub on. Through conversation I learned that he?s currently attending school and his favorite sport is basketball. I quickly grew comfortable around this phyne specimen so I decided to ask him if he?ll be interested in posing nude. To my surprise he replied with a ?hell yeah!?

Aight let?s get to the good part. Heat is so tantalizing, that smooth caramel skin and those thick lips made me break out in a sweat. He slowly undressed for me and the camera, teasing me by playing with his perky nipples while licking his tongue. At 6?2? 190lbs and ripped Heat is definitely designed to make your temperature rise. Mine sure did when he finally dropped his shorts to reveal a thick, hard 10? dick. My eyes jumped out of my head when he started grinding very, very slowly with his dick in his hand. Pre-cum oozed out of his big head while he squeezed his nipples and played with his tight bubble ass.

In no time his thrusts got quicker letting me know that he was close to cumming. What a sight that was to see him close his eyes, bite down on his lip and shoot that thick, creamy nut all over.

Devin: So how did you come across the name Heat.
HEAT: That name appeals to me and also I think the name fits. I always hear that I?m hot so it was pretty much a easy pick.
Devin: I?m sure alot of your fans want to know this (I sure do). What type of guys are you attracted to?

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