What you see is what you get when dealing with Phantom. The 6 foot 165 pound football player leaves nothing to question. A true adventurous freak bows down to no challenge and this athletic built sex fiend has proven himself over and over again. From having sex in parking lots to having his dick sucked in moving traffic, Phantom is just the nigga to assist with all of your sexual fantasies. He?s always had an interest in the adult entertainment industry and decided to start with FlavaMen.

The cocoa complexion and nipple piercings are only a couple of enticements Phantom possesses. We were all taken back when he revealed a beautifully smooth 9? rod that could only melt in your mouth, not in your hand!

PRETTY BOY: Finally we meet. I appreciate you taking time to talk with me.
PHANTOM: No problem man.
PRETTY BOY: From what I understand you have a passion for the adult entertainment industry.
PHANTOM: Yeah, I love sex and get a rush when I know someone is watching.

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