Baby Star 2

This is your boy King Dingo, here in beautiful Miami excited to be talking with one of my favorite stars and one that I love working with. If you have not seen us together in our hot session on, you need to wait on reading this interview and get your ass to your computer, log in, and beat. This summerís cover boy is sexy as hell, itís the new fresh face Baby Star.

BABY STAR: What up King?
KING DINGO: Iím good, sitting here thinking about that amazing video we did together in my back yard.
BABY STAR: Yeah that was hot. I was so turned on sucking that big ass pipe while you were on the phone with your bitch.
KING DINGO: *laughs* It took everything in me not to moan, and when I got you in that bedroom...Iím getting hard thinking about it all over again. New subject lets take a walk down memory lane. On your wannabe application you said you wanted to become a COCODORM superstar because all the models were hot and you want dudes beatin off to you. Is that still the only reason why you enjoy modeling?
BABY STAR: *laughs* I have a few more reasons now. Its nice traveling around the world, getting placed VIP at events, and the fans are great too.
KING DINGO: What has been your most exciting experience since you have moved into the dorm?
BABY STAR: Wow! I would have to say the parties. I love meeting my fans and signing autographs, I am like the Lady Gaga of the porn world or some shit.
KING DINGO: Do you enjoy topping more than bottoming?
BABY STAR: I equally like both. The best sex in the world is when you start off getting fucked and then you flip that thug over and steal that ass. Ainít nothing like it.
KING DINGO: Hell yeah, Ainít nothing like fucking some good boy pussy. What other adult stars have you hoped to do a scene with?
BABY STAR: I could not wait to do a scene with Flamez. I always had the biggest thing for him and was a HUGE fan of his work. I knew that I would be able to do a scene with him and I cannot wait to work with him again.
KING DINGO: Damn! You just forgot all about me!
BABY STAR: You should be a given King. We definitely gonna have to work together again.
KING DINGO: How often do you have sex?
BABY STAR: I lost count. *laughs* Hell how often do you have sex?
KING DINGO: You know what, letís both start counting after today. *laughs* Do you like ice cream?
BABY STAR: I love ice cream, especially in hot ass Miami. I have to have something to cool me down.
KING DINGO: If you were a flavor of ice cream what flavor would you be and why?
BABY STAR: Neapolitan, just like me I give you a little bit of everything. White, Black, Top, Bottom, Fem, Masculine, Freak, Boy next door. I mix it up on your ass.
KING DINGO: And I would lick every bit of your cream.

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