Hiding deep within the countryside, enjoying the beautiful tropical climate of Brazil, we ran across this toned local and we were immediately captivated by his gorgeous tanned body. Fresh from a mid-day workout, this hottie was more than willing to show off the accomplishments of hard work. After several minutes of talking with our new found talent, he decided to accompany us back to our hotel.

Once we were in our room, Fausto showed us that he had what it takes to model. Having to see to believe, I asked him to get naked and he did! Even more impressed by the total package we immediately knew that we not only had found a new subject for a photoshoot, but that we had actually discovered the new cover model for the magazine.

After the decision, the excitement must have been too much for Fausto because his still bare uncut piece of meat rose to the occasion. The sight of that beautiful dick caused me to feel a tingling sensation in my pants....And the shoot begins!

CHRIS CRUZ: Hola Papi!
FAUSTO: Hello!
CHRIS CRUZ: You, apparently from the previews of that sexy body I saw.
FAUSTO: Thanks man, I do fine.
CHRIS CRUZ: Well, it?s looking pretty damn good from where I?m sitting too. So, lets just jump right into this.
CHRIS CRUZ: Tell me about this steamy beach session you had yesterday.
FAUSTO: How do you know about that?
CHRIS CRUZ: Well let?s just say I have my ways.
FAUSTO: Your photographer approached me while I was working out and asked me if I was interested in modeling. I was a little afraid, but I said yes.
CHRIS CRUZ: What you scared of? You?re sexy and you know it. So why not show off what you got?
FAUSTO: Yeah I know, but you know how that can be sometimes.

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