If the question is where can you locate a thug nigga named Q, then the answer is Philly. This chiseled heavy weight is truly the epitome of thug passion. Q is a bisexual Taurus originating from Jamaica and conquering mountains far and wide. The sexy 6 rough neck stands 5?8?, weighs 150 lbs, smooth all over and has 8.5 inches of hard black dick. The dark chocolate Jamaican top loves a nice ass and is what I would consider an island dream come true.

Q enjoys suspenseful movies, basketball and a cold Bacardi on occasion. No stranger to hot group sessions, this freaky islander enjoys any hot situation where he can get his dick sucked. If your question is how can I get some of Q, the answer is to check out the website www. FlavaMen.com.

DEVIN: What?s good bruh?
Q: I?m chillin
DEVIN: How did you come across the name Q?
Q: When you see the letter ?Q?, the word ?Question? comes to mind. People look at me and question my ability to please. I figure Q was suitable since I kind of question myself sometimes (laughing).
DEVIN: I doubt that you have had many problems in that area. What convinced you to model nude?
Q: I?ve always wanted to do something like that but was too scared to do it. I finally just said fuck it, if you got it flaunt it.
DEVIN: My thoughts exactly. Did you enjoy the shoot?
Q: Yeah, I thought it went pretty smooth. I loved getting hard in front of the camera.

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