Letters to the Editor

Dear FlavaMen,

My roommate gave me your magazine and I just wanted to say thank you! For a white girl with a fantasy of being with 2 bi-sexual black males, you gave me hope!

Speaking of fantasy, I really enjoyed the pictures of Fantasi! He is hot! Thank you so very much, I love your magazine.


Yo Fellas,

Congrats on the best and I mean the BEST magazine on the stands today! The cover attracted me but what was inside keeps me coming back every issue. The Bois are just too hot, my favorite was College from issue #3, so sexy I wanted to move to NYC and look him up! If he is ever in Orlando tell him to look me up. Jails Bait should win an award for best erotic fiction or something like that. I can?t wait til the next issue for the continuation.

I used to subscribe to a different magazine, but I am going to subscribe to FlavaMen from now on!

No other magazine comes close to what you offer in Flavamen. I wish you would print every month.

Keep up the great work.


P.S. Where can I purchase issue #1? I missed it.

You can get Flavamen, Premiere Issue #1 at www.CocoStore.com

Dear FlavaMen,

My friend has been a faithful subscriber to FlavaMen for almost a year now and I just happened to run across the Fall issue on his dresser while waiting on him to get dressed so that we can go to a new club. I opened it directly to the center fold and my mouth dropped. There was the sexiest black thugged out nigga I?d laid my eyes on in a long time. You would not believe how my mouth watered at the thought of having a moment alone with Ruff Ryder.

The first thing that came to mind was ?It?s too bad he?s gay? but I was really taken back when I turned the pages back and discovered that Ruff Ryder was actually ?STRAIGHT?. I found it hard to believe that you guys feature straight men in your magazine but I now have a very clear picture of it all, after my friend quickly explained.

It?s so good to see that beautiful Black men like Ruff Ryder are secure enough to display themselves in gay erotic magazines and, in my opinion, there?s no better representation than FlavaMen Magazine. I?ve now got my own subscription so keep it coming fellas!

Faithfully Yours,