Oh I love New York. This is the place to be if you have a kraving for a hot, sexy mutha fucka here is where I found none other than the man of the hour, Krave. This young hot bodied NY nukka is my reason for being gay. With the looks, the dick and the ass this New Yorker is definitely one to be Kraved after. He will more than satisfy your appetite with all 9? of that thick juicy dick and if you can still hang he?ll mount your dick and give you the ride of your life, by the way that?s his favorite position. When I asked him what is the freakiest thing he has ever done Krave said it had to be when he sucked this dude?s dick with ice cream in his mouth. When asked the weirdest place he had ever had sex, he said it had to be on the roof in the middle of the rain.

CHINO: Where did you ever get such a name?
KRAVE: I honestly feel that it fits me.
CHINO: Meaning?
KRAVE: I am that one that everybody kraves!
CHINO: A little cocky I see.

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