When you're a 26 yr old Brazilian kat with a body like that and a smile that would bring someone to their knees-who recently turned down a marriage proposal from a Greek millionaire more than twice your age...

Where do you go from there?

To the pages of FlavaMen, damnit, because we signed up this Brazilian slab of beef the minute we laid eyes on him on the streets of Rio. The guy radiates total manhood, from his disarming smile to trim but toned physique - and the sick part is, he's sweet as apple pie, too, without a conceited bone in his body. We side with the Greek - this boy is pure boyfriend material, and we're proud to feature him in his first nude photo- shoot ever. Even his first-timer's nervousness added only pure charm to the afternoon - but once worked up, the sexual energy in the room became volcanic... as did one of Brazil's best, and we've tried our best to capture that intense, lava-like heat in these pages for our readers.

Afterwards, through an interpreter, I couldn't wait to sit down with Ruan and ask about that bizarre marriage proposal.

RUAN: Yes, it really happened. I was 24 and still thinking I wanted to be an actor, I was in a play where I was playing the gigolo who gets caught in this girl's bedroom by her father; I had to jump out of bed naked and grab up my underwear and jeans and run across the stage and out. Dimitri had come to see the play, and afterwards came backstage with two dozen roses to tell me he thought I was the most beautiful man he'd ever seen. I went to dinner with him, but wasn't interested in anything more - he was almost sixty years old, very handsome, but I don't go for men that much older than me. The next day a platinum neckchain arrived at the theater; the day after that, a silver signet ring with my initials on it.

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