Sometimes life just blesses you when you least expect it. And making a left turn when ya should have made a right can lead you to a goldmine. That's what happened when I found myself lost on a series of crunk-looking streets in Florida, trying to follow directions I'd written on a napkin to the house of a dude I met in a bar the night before. My handwriting ain't for shit, and pretty soon I realized I'd made a couple of wrong turns and was totally lost - in a not-so-great neighborhood covered in graffiti. It was late afternoon and I was getting frustrated as hell, heading west with the setting sun half-blinding me ...

And that's when I spotted him. A tall, well-muscled, honey-skinned young Latin brotha tossing a football in the air and walking down tha street - evidently on the way home after some sweaty tackling with da boys in a nearby park. My mind registered him almost before my eyeballs did, and I heard the "DAAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNNNNN!!!" comin' out my mouth before I even realized I was saying it. I pulled over, hit the brakes, and watched for awhile, the Latino's skin shiny with sweat as he showed off one hell of a physique - wearing only baggy black basketball shorts and black shoes, his white t-shirt tossed over one bronzed, broad shoulder. He walked with the strut of a man sure as shit of himself and his sensuality, and every time he raised his arms to catch the football, or toss it into the air - that glistening, hairless bod almost glowing in the setting sun - you could see the muscles in his upper body stretch and flex and give him the strength he needed to probably play football like a pro. By now I'd forgotten all about tha dude whose house I was tryin' to find - I was stuck on this one, man, for real, and could only watch the fine brotha strolling down tha street for home, moving quickly by my car ... up until he spotted me starin' at him, then made a quick break to trot across the street - up to my open driver's side window, where he asked, "Somethin' I can do for you, brotha??"

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