Tyson Kobie

Allow me to introduce you to Flava Men Magazine Summer 09ís sizzling cover model and centerfold. Tyson Kobie is a deliciously smooth golden brown skinned thugís thug out of Seattle, Washington. With his hairless baby face, washboard abs and chiseled pecs accented with nipples that seem more like irresistible chocolate chips, this sexy young brother is on a mission to become one of the biggest porn stars ever. Although he is naturally straight, he is an extremely mature 19-year-old with a solid 5í9Ē frame and a good nine inches of thick caramel brown dick. And Tyson Kobie is willing to fuck whoever dares to lie down in front of him. Man or woman. Shortly after his phenomenal shoot, I sat down and talked with the hot young brother.

DEANGELO JACKSON: Yo, that was sick my dude.
TYSON KOBIE: Word? You liked it, huh?
DEANGELO JACKSON: Hell yeah. You definitely took me there. How do you think it went?
TYSON KOBIE: It was fun. I love showing off my body.
DEANGELO JACKSON: You have a classic football playerís build. Nice and thick. Do you come from a sports background?
TYSON KOBIE: Yeah, I played football in high school and ran track in college. Iím really into staying in shape. Iím also a personal trainer.
DEANGELO JACKSON: If I had to guess, Iíd say you were a free safety.
TYSON KOBIE: Good guess. I played running back and safety on defense.
DEANGELO JACKSON: Your profile says that youíre bisexual, but I understand youíre straight. How do you feel knowing that guys will be busting off looking at youíre pictures? I mean, we have a lot of woman subscribers, but the boys are the ones that fuel the flames of Flava.
TYSON KOBIE: I donít care. I love the attention. And all the brothers that have been trying to get at me since Iíve been here, have been respectful with it. They notice the details of my physique that most women donít. And they really appreciate the work Iíve put in.
DEANGELO JACKSON: So me staring at your crotch and licking my lips; drooling and shit, doesnít bother you at all?
TYSON KOBIE: No, I donít have a problem with that. Itís all a part of what being an adult model is all about; stimulating that pleasure zone.
DEANGELO JACKSON: What types of women turn you on?
TYSON KOBIE: I like the sexy video type. Exotic with a nice sports body. She needs to have some goals too.
DEANGELO JACKSON: Okay, hypothetically, what type of guy would you go for?
TYSON KOBIE: (laughing) A guy that looks like me.

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