A wrong turn down a one way street... and we found this braided lil brotha just outside of town, unpacking a moving van with a friend and using those muscles to help his buddy move into a new home on the far west side of Miami. Chyna's smile makes your crotch sort of bubble over like an unwatched pot on tha stove - but what really does it are the eyes; this shorty (only 5'8" of black beefcake, with a bubble-ass squeezed into a shredded pair of 501s when we met him) packs a fine mix of Black and Asian heritage that makes his eyes as sensual as slow-dancing to Luther on a steamy night in Aruba.

We watched for awhile, Chyna in his muscle shirt unloading that truck, until we couldn't stand it anymore and approached this fine brotha about doin' a little modeling. He though it was all b.s. at first, but it turned out he was a fan of the magazine and the fine Black and Latin men that we feature in it; in fact, was honored we wanted him to be a part of it. He showed up for his shoot three days later, and after getting the clothes off we realized just how golden our newest golden boy was.

Fucking-A, this niggah has it goin' on, and in his photoshoot just as smilin' and sexy and relaxed as tha brotha is in person. Chyna makes love to the camera with his eyes - and that big butt and hair-lined asscrack don't do him no harm, either. That brotha came in buckets, he got so worked up, and after a quick shower he sat down naked across from me, rubbing the towel into his hair and totally comfortable with being naked in front of other people.

I found out, pretty quick, why:

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