Rio is known for having an assortment of beautiful people so we decided that we wanted one too. Flavamen is proud to present Cristiano! This Brazilian chulo is blessed with a big muscular body to die for, breathtaking brown eyes, full lips, and a tasty uncut dick for those of you who love foreskin. The best part of it all is that Cristiano is versatile! Yes this piece of masculinity loves dick as much as he loves ass. The thing that is so cute about this Latino lover is that he cannot speak a lick of English but his words are universal. It doesn't matter what Cristiano is saying but whatever comes out reeks of sex.

We met him at Rio de Janeiro's carnival and right then and there we knew we had our man. Cristiano stood out of the crowd, shit at 6'3? he was kind of hard to miss but what also caught our eyes was his deep caramel skin tone that seemed to glisten in the sun. Thank goodness someone on our team knew how to speak Portuguese. At first he was a little apprehensive but with a little motivation ($$$$$) Cristiano gladly obliged. The sun was setting so we agreed that this would be the perfect time for the shoot. The hotel was impressive with a balcony overlooking this beautiful city, so we had to take advantage of this. After showering, our Brazilian Adonis was all ready for his session with nothing on but a towel. Talk about getting right to business. His shower fresh scent filled the room as the cool, but refreshing breeze blew from outside.

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