Dr. Feel Good

I found Dr Feel Good, literally, in a hospital while visiting a friend. A quick trip to the cafeteria downstairs led me to finding this young med student in full smock and stethoscope. The good doctor, currently working on his residency via the University of Illinois, caught me staring at him three times before asking me what the fuck I wanted. As I couldn't say, "You!" I opted for giving him my information for the magazine, to which Dr. Good responded with a gruff "Thanks" and went back to his food.

He called three days later and we set up the shoot. I was crazy-happy about it, too, because this tall and sexy brother with the thin physique and lips made for kissing was exactly what I wanted to see nude , even if it was in a magazine.

We met for coffee before the shoot at his request, and I could tell he was nervous, and I learned that he was really worried about how posing nude would affect his career. I assured him that there was no reason it should, but it was something he definitely wanted to take into account before he actually went through with it. He thanked me for my honesty and said it had been a long-term fantasy of his to model naked, that the idea alone really turned him on.

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