Tony Montana

When Tony Montana strolled into our offices during a model call, with that killer grin lighting up his pretty-boy-thug face like a thousand-watt spotlight, we knew even before tha dude's clothes were off that this was FlavaMan material.

The cocky attitude, smooth, lean body - and over nine inches of some of the tastiest beef we've seen in months - it all worked for us, especially when we found out the young thug was a straight boy whose ex-girlfriend told him to come to our offices.

"She always tells me that just seeing me naked makes her wet," Tony says, grinning so nicely, you almost believe him.

We signed him on the spot. He made us kind of wet, too.

The Florida native (of Puerto Rican descent, who speaks English, Spanish, and "enough Portuguese to bag the occasional Brazilian chick") flips pizzas for a living while he works on getting his bachelor's. There's a lot of Latin pride in this straight stallion, and it showed when he sat down with me - after one tasty, sticky-wet shoot - for a "quickie" (interview-wise):

BREION: Dude, you look exhausted.
TONY: (that grin again) I am. Once I got going, it took a lot out of me.
BREION: I was watching; a lot is an understatement.
TONY: (chuckles) Yeah, I tend to come a lot. Some girls like it, a lot don't. It's kinda rare to get a girl who'll let me come in her face for that reason. Which is a pisser, ‘cause I like blowing my load all over a pretty face.
BREION: What about a handsome one?
TONY: Like, you mean a dude? Naw, brotha - that ain't me. It's cool, and all - I mean, I know gay dudes and shit read your magazine - but I just can't get it up for another guy.
BREION: I'll bet other guys get it up for you, though. Do you get hit on a lot by other men, though - and if so, does it bother you?

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