Claudio and Marques

When I first met Marques it was in a hotel suite in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. I walked into the room with my mind elsewhere, trying to remember if I had my interview questions safely tucked away in my backpack or not, when I looked up and saw this Brazilian god staring at me from the white couch in the center of the living room. Wearing khaki shorts and a yellow t-shirt that stretched over a taut and muscular chest, he sat cross-legged and reading a magazine when I entered the room.

?Oh,? he said when I entered the living room, in a deep voice thick with his Portuguese accent, ?are you the boy I am supposed to fuck for the magazine??

I was hard in 0.2 seconds, my backpack slipping from my shoulder to land with a dull thud on the floor. ?Uhh, no,? I replied, eyes looking away. ?I?m the guy here to interview you. Claudio?s on his way, though.?

?Ohhhh.? A small blush creeped up his face as Marques stood, eyeing me up and down. ?Too bad,? he cooed, grinning.

?Ohhhh.? A small blush creeped up his face as Marques stood, eyeing me up and down. ?Too bad,? he cooed, grinning.

Marques shook my hand in his own beefy paw, sending out shock waves of sexual energy that left me light-headed. But I was the professional here so we kept it strictly business (although this dude could have fucked me ANY day), and set up my tape recorder on the coffee table in front of the couch while the two of us waited for Claudio to arrive.

As we talked I found out that Marques currently had a girlfriend, but understood that money was money and for money it was anything goes sexually. His first sexual experience with a guy was when he was sixteen and he screwed his math teacher ? a guy twenty years older than Marques who called him The Golden Boy and promised him good grades the rest of the term if he?d do him. Marques learned early the powers his handsome face and hot body could grant, and had been using both since. As we laughed and chatted, I grew more comfortable with the hot-blooded Brazilian, and was just wishing I could take him up on his original offer when the doorbell rang. Claudio had arrived.

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