Thiago and Caio

I got to tag along, at the last minute, for a scouting trip to the beautiful Rio de Janeiro ? where the boys are lean, hard, and often so beautiful it makes you wanna cry. Also where you learn, fast, that you can run into them anytime and everywhere.

Our third day in, we had lined up this sexy, dark-skinned brotha, Caio, who was hot and hung and pretty much up for anything on film short of being thrown into a volcano. We?d teamed him up with another dark Brazilian stud named Enrique ? who, on the morning of the shoot, bailed on us and didn?t show up.

Caio was so disappointed, he wouldn?t pose alone ? so the frustrated photographer called a thirty minute break and then turned to me and asked if I could go and get him a coffee. Well, I wasn?t an errand boy, but you learn fast to be flexible in this business, so I ran down to the greasy little diner at the corner, down the street from the hotel we were shooting in...

And immediately saw Thiago, who was flipping burgers in the back, standing in a white cap and apron over the grungiest grill I?d ever seen. My heart went into my neck and my crotch went into meltdown; when the waitress asked what I wanted to order, I simply pointed my finger at this incredible guy cooking in the kitchen, and said, ?Him. To go.?

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