In my opinion Philadelphia brings two things to my mind, cheese steaks, and phyne boys. This brings me to a tall, light, slender built thug who goes by the name of Rizzo. With long corn rolls, a nice chest, tight abs and a gigantic 9? uncut piece of meat Rizzo is absolutely breathtaking. The most sexy thing besides his thick succulent lips or his piercing eyes is his accent. He can talk the pants off of you and fuck you with his words.

CHINO: Sup Rizzo!
RIZZO: Sup bro how you be?
CHINO: Chillin baby boi, so are you a Philly native?
RIZZO: My pops is Arabic and my mom?s African American. I was born and raised right here so this is my home.
CHINO: Aight baby that?s kewl. I saw on your application that you are straight was da deal with that.
RIZZO: I?m all for da ladies man.
CHINO: So you haven?t been with a man before huh?
RIZZO: Nah yo I never had the urge to go dat route.
CHINO: But Rizzo, I know guys approach you all the time.

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