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FlavaMen Freshman Year Issues 1-4

STARS (DVD 1, Issues 1&2): Chris Cruz, B-Nasty, Patrick, Castro, King, Lex, Sayvion, Aries, Scorpio, Heat, Body, Sport, Shareef, Platinum, Vito, Shine, Cristiano, Fantasi
STARS (DVD 2, Issues 3&4): Fausto, Q, Lil Mann, Imagination, College, Phantom, Curly, Baby Boy, Ruff Ryder, Mitch Michaels, Krave, Amir, Tyrice Wood, Sexy Dude, Rizzo, Luca, Gilberto
RUNNING TIME: (DVD 1) : 2 hours, 40 minutes; (DVD 2): 2 hours, 50 minutes
THEME: Black Men, Thugs, Solos
STUDIO: Flava Works
RATING: 4 (out of 5)

Be honest ? how many times, especially since your teenage years, have ya brought home a nudie magazine, and had a few sessions of ?solitaire? with yourself, while staring at the pictorials or reading the stories? How frustrating, all those over-the-counter mags could be, because they could only show SO MUCH within their pages; actual intercourse, penetration (even of mouth), or a drop of cum being an absolute no-no? Well, the brilliant crew of FlavaMen ? for the horndog in you ? have released a series spotlighting the men who?ve appeared in the first, or ?freshman? year, of their incredibly hot magazine ? in totally uncensored video shoots that show you what happened outside of what could be shown in the magazine! Heat, Ruff Ryder Castro, Lex, Platinum, Mitch Michaels, Krave, Rizzo ? they?re all here, and all blowing their loads for you, on two blazing DVDs (two issues worth of men on each disk) that go WAY beyond the softcore magazine shoots ? to hardcore cock shoots, in enough come to keep you going, beyond what your imagination could envision. FlavaWorks has done the ultimate ? taken you beyond the magazine, and to the real thing ? in two disks that cover five-and-a-half hours of sucking, fucking, and feverish jacking off. Can?t wait for sophomore year!

In 2005 a new adult magazine ? devoted to those who favor Black and Latino men ? debuted with a slick publication that featured nine brownskinned models ? and showed the magazine was serious in its goal to be the best of its kind on the market.

Freshman Year chronicles the magazine?s phenomenal first year in the marketplace, where they?ve jumped from ?WHO??? to now having their own film production company, website ? and one hell of an eye for talent, if the first four issues (covered in the two DVDs released so far) are any indication.

Issues 1 and 2 open with the first nine models that came out in FlavaMen?s premiere issue ? starting with Chris Cruz, the cover model whose smooth, honey-colored body could stop traffic ? even if he didn?t already have that chillin?, dark-eyed stare that could stop the most jaded of men (or women) in their tracks. Chris?s solo scene ? just as it is in the magazine ? is ball-draining in simplicity; simply put, when you have a guy this hot in a room by himself, really getting into himself, what more do you need? Chris proves the answer ? NOTHING ? just as he did in his pictorial in the first issue of FlavaMen ? only here, with so much more to see!

Following Chris, the young and hung B-Nasty has another juicy solo ? and then there?s Patrick, who?s reptilian stare and obvious ?Soon as I do this, I BEST get paid!? mentality still can?t take away from the fact that the guy is handsome, his body a poster for why we should all hit the gym. Porn icon Castro, in his scene with King next, plays things out all too briefly ? as did their pictorial in issue one, as you can never have too many excuses to ogle Castro!

Lex, after the dynamic duo, has a VERY hot solo scene, much like his from the magazine ? only this time, with the cum included. This young, baby-faced thug truly brings heat to his solo, and you?ll never look at his photos in print in quite the same way again. Sayvion, Aries, and Scorpio ? in a scorching three-way that follows Lex?s solo ? finally bring the first real fucking to this DVD, in a ball-busting (though again ? brief) finale that has Scorpio humping cute little Aries tiny asshole ? even while he?s getting his own rump split in two from behind by Sayvion. WAY extended from their pictorial ? and worth getting the DVD for alone.

And this is all just issue #1!

Even with Chris Cruz?s phenom looks, when the second issue hit the stands that stare from the hunky Blatino on the cover ? a model named Heat ? was enough to stop you dead in your tracks. Incredible cover, hot-as-fucking-HELL man ? and you weren?t disappointed when you cracked open the magazine and saw the rest of this beauty strutting his stuff amongst the pages. On the DVD, Heat struts his stuff much, much more ? also shoots his stuff, which drizzles down a full-length mirror like vanilla ice cream in August. Body follows Heat, and in his solo scene shows off that same gymrat physique that he displayed so beautifully in issue #2 ? this time, with some sweet-looking white cum as a bonus taste treat. Sport?s solo, which follows Body, also generates some nice friction for your dick...

But it?s Shareef and Platinum?s love duet, which follows Sport, that takes what was a hot magazine pictorial and follows through with what your imagination dreamed of when you first saw it ? this time on DVD, in full digital glory, when dark and sexy chocolate bar Shareef forcefeeds his cock fully up Platinum?s unwilling ass, fucking the heck out of one of FlavaWorks? best models ? again, in a scene they couldn?t put in the magazine, but lucky you can now have here. Vito and Shine follow with their own overheated fuckfest, this time one-upping the previous brothas by not only fucking ? but taking turns on who plays bottom, both masculine men serving the passive role beautifully.

Cristiano lends the strongest Latin flava to this issue; a masculine, handsome and well-muscled Brazilian bombshell, Cristiano has a game of selflove in a hotel in Rio, where he takes his magazine pictorial to a spurting finale that may well have you spurting, too. The DVD (and issue #2) winds up with a skinny, braided thug named Fantasi, who?s attractive and very sexual ? and has a very wide cock that is a pleasure to watch him stroke to completion.

Eighteen models jam-packed into just over 2-1/2 hours of sucking and fucking takes the ?R-rated? pics you saw in the magazine, and turns the burner up a notch, so you can explore what you couldn?t see before. Even so, when issue three came out...

FlavaMen somehow topped themselves (no pun intended) again, when Brazilian model Fausto gazed regally out from issue #3?s front cover. Another Brazilian bodybuilder ? broad-shouldered, big-dicked, and smooth as a baby?s ass ? Fausto didn?t seem to have a flaw to him, as he stared ruggedly from the magazine?s pages ? and on the DVD version, completes his solo scene in the juiciest of ways ? at times exposing a boyish smile that just might do for your heart what his magazine pages did for your crotch. Q, who follows Fausto on the DVD of issue three, is a niche contrast to the Brazilian ? Q is a thuggish brotha hung like a horse, equally sexy as Fausto (especially when he nuts, his cum the consistency of GLUE), but in a totally different way.

Lil Mann and Imagination, in a scorching duo that follows Q, prove themselves two horndogs totally into each other. Anyone who?s seen Lil Mann before, particularly in his videos for CocoDorm, know that the little dude ain?t shy ? and is ALWAYS up for action. He proves it here again, Imagination?s ass to fertilize as he pounds the little brotha in half, in a great scene ya only got a taste of in the magazine.

Cute, delicious College ? next up ? is a darkish dude who is the only one who really gets to say anything about himself in the film. It?s nice to have some insight into his personality, and to be honest here it does enhance your viewing of him ? making him seem more ?normal? instead of just some porn model ? though College in every way lives up to the latter in his horny solo scene. Phantom, who follows College, is a DAMNED fine brotha who?ll remind you of a Blair Underwood or Morris Chestnut movie-star type ? one hot motha of a brotha in a white do-rag, who takes it far beyond his magazine shoot to a nutfest worthy of drinking.

Curly is a sleepy-eyed, curly-topped Latino who?s playful shyness never gets grating ? it?s actually pretty endearing, right up to when he blasts his spooge all over his own smooth, slim body... and it?s a true beauty after, as FlavaWorks? find Baby Boy beats off his big, dark dick to climax on a rug, finishing off his magazine shoot with barelylegal energy that only young boys have.

The eight guys featured in issue #3, for sure, continued one hell of a tradition of quality ? the cum flying like crazy.

But not to be outdone, toned and macho hunk Ruff Ryder scored big with the cover of issue #4, dog tags dangling from his neck that showed nearly as much macho as the intense stare he has for you on the cover. Another big selling issue, check out the DVD version of issue four if you want to see why; here, using issue # 2 to whack off to, Ruff Ryder uses that stare ? and his 10- inch cock ? to further tease and taunt, in ways he couldn?t in print. DAMNED fine man.

And after all that testosterone, what could be sweeter than a baby-face, light-skinned Blatino, named Mitch Michaels, with the face and hairstyle of a Roma emperor ? and a perfect boyman?s body that includes a pretty dick that spews enough cum to drown a small animal? Mitch is one of the BEST, easily worth a cover himself in the magazine... on DVD, a cherry on an already tasty-as-fuck sundae.

Keeping the quality high, next Krave gets your craving up for thug again ? the sweet, sexy bar of chocolate making gravy on a bunch of rocks on a beach in Brazil, his compact body turning up the heat from his magazine pictorial as he blows a fine, big load of jizz himself in his solo scene. After Krave, Amir and Tyrice Wood offer another hot duo, as the light-skinned and boyish Tyrice takes the heavier, darker and older Amir ? and grinds the guy?s ass to a pulp onscreen ? something ya definitely won?t see in the magazine, even though their pictorial in issue #4 is damned fine.

Baby-face Sexy Dude follows, face oozing innocence even as ? after a hot self-love session ? his cock oozes ? no, no it BLASTS ? incredible, confetti-like streams of jizz from the head, Sexy?s man-gravy spurting into the air like a deranged fountain, in a hell of a hot scene ? that?s followed by braided boy-toy Rizzo, a light-skinned Blatino who not only uses issue #2 of FlavaMen to shoot his load hard ? but also announces, afterward, that there?s a guy in the issue he wants to fuck. Ya wonder who, but either way ? if FlavaWorks can make it happen, fingers crossed they do! The second DVD ends on another scorching note, with the sizzling duo of Luca and Gilberto ? two horny Brazilians who really get into each other in a big way, as the masculine, bald Luca plows the living hell out of boy-next-door-looking Gilberto?s stretched-sore asshole. Their pictorial, scorching in the magazine, is practically thermonuclear as an all-out, no-holds-barred sex scene.

The seventeen models on this DVD ? with has a running time just short of three hours ? should be enough to get you up and off multiple times... but the goodies don?t stop there, as each DVD also offers up ? as extras, mind you ? electronic editions of each issue, as well as high resolution photosets of the various models; put the disk in your computer, and you REALLY have a lot to add to your porn pic collection (and the DVD works on either a Mac or PC). For those iPodhappy commuters, if you have a video iPod then you also have any scene from either DVD at your disposal... whenever you want to view it.

When FlavaMen magazine premiered, nothing on the newsstands existed like it ? at least, not on this level of raw sexuality. The same can be said for the DVD versions of the magazines ? which take the little jack-off sessions you might have had to the magazine to a whole new level. If you even so much as like the magazine... the DVD editions are a MUST.

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