Bad boy Kilo (and if you don't believe he's a bad boy - check out that flat, tasty belly) was a Miami discovery we literally found under our nose when he delivered flowers to our offices on a hot Friday afternoon. You know us - we make sure to jump on every new discovery - and Kilo, holy crap is this one worth jumping on.

At 6'2" the quiet, kind of intense Latino resisted our efforts to bring him aboard at first. In fact, it took three weeks to get him to agree to pose - and another two to actually get him to show up for his photo-shoot.

But he did, and the rewards are for you to enjoy; Kilo is one sexy, studly Latino - pure machismo radiates from the guy... and yet, even at his most thug, there is "boyfriend material" written all over him. A smooth torso and those long, hairy legs only add to the masculinity - and sexuality - of this incredible hombre, and Kilo's serious-as-a-heart-attack, aggressive attitude throughout the shoot would never let ya know that - at heart - that is really a warm and funny dude... with a big, cut cock that is reserved only for the ladies in reality - but for fantasy, is yours for the tasting.

ROMEO: Really wanna thank ya for your shoot, man - you're amazing.
KILO: Thanks, it was more fun than I thought it'd be. I was totally sure I'd fuck things up, but it seemed to go well.
ROMEO: You got a killer body, man. I like the smooth chest and belly, then the really hairy legs and ass - totally hot. You shave on top?
KILO: I have. I only get a little chest hair, though - it's not a major thing to shave, or trim. But usually girls like me totally smooth on top, which mostly I am anyway.
ROMEO: Cool. You seem really nice, man - how'd that "Bad Boy" tattoo come about?
KILO: My younger years man. I ain't always been nice. I used to be a bad... bad dude."

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