Shine & Vito

This is by far the most interesting duo in this magazine. Both Shine (the caramel delight) and Vito (the chocolate wonder) are tops... or so I thought!

MARKELL: What possessed two proclaimed tops to not only do a shoot together but to go into untouched territory?
VITO: Lemme answer this question first Shine.
SHINE: Aight V do yo thang.
VITO: I classify myself as a top because I got fucked before and it wasn?t a good experience so I left it alone.
MARKELL: What about you Shine.
SHINE: Shit, I never even tried it yo.
MARKELL: Until now.
SHINE: (Laughs), until now.
MARKELL: So Shine what made you want to experience the ultimate.
SHINE: (Laughter), Good question. Actually yo, nothing was planned we just went with the flow and for once in my life I finally relaxed and let nature take it's course

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