Nick Da Kannon

You can for sho' check out Nick's cannon in a coupla films already, but da kid is sort of new to tha modeling game - tho' ready to blow up BIG as the 11-inch piece that schwangs between his strong, lean legs. A bisexual brotha from Caliland, Nick sent us some photos of his fine self to break into that biz, along with a cover letter that sounded cocky as hell. Soon as we spied the photos - that good-looking thug face, and that huge donkey-piece he goes to bat with - we realized the cockiness was deserved, and signed da dude right away.

We got Nick in front of tha cameras, and he was a natural - that lean, smoothas as-chocolate body strutting and showing off as the thugged-out brotha stroked his piece and licked those juicy lips for the camera. For a topman who can plow his rod up both tha females and tha dudes, Nick even showed off one sweet, lickable booty for the magazine - and when he was finished and showered up after the shoot, that sexy azz was the first topic of conversation.

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