Rod Silvia

This beautiful brown papi straight from the rough and tumble streets of Deerfield Beach, Florida (because we all know Deerfield gets it poppiní) was more than ready to get down to the nitty gritty when out cameras showed up at his hotel room and we were more than ready to film all hundred and forty seven pounds of his five foot seven inch frame. Not to mention those seven inches of beautiful uncut cock hanging between his legs. Always with a smile on his face, after Rod took his last photo he was still up and ready for a quick sit down with da King.

TI: How you doing today son?
ROD: Iím good. Made some money, showed off my body. Everything is great.
TI: So youíre used to this?
ROD: Not at all. Iíve just always wanted to try it. I figured if I was going to do it I was going to dedicate myself to making it as hot as possible. It wasnít really that hard actually.
TI: So you wouldnít mind doing it again?
ROD: Hell no! Iíll do it again right now! *laughs*
TI: Thatís whatís up. What did you like most about it?
ROD: Iím not sure. I think just having the camera focused on me. Knowing that everything going on...everything was all about me. Thatís really sexy for me.
TI: The pampered prince huh?
ROD: When ever possible. The chick Iím dating thinks Iím crazy because I ask her to do things like feed me grapes.
TI: Wow....wait...the chick?
ROD: Yeah.
TI: Oh. I thought you were gay.
ROD: Really?
TI: Yeah. I mean....donít take it the wrong way, but thats the vibe you give off.
ROD: Really?!
TI: Yeah....I could see you in the club doing your thing on the floor with your ďgirlfriendsĒ or whatever.
ROD: Nah, Iím not gay. I can appreciate a good looking guy, but sex with a guy is just something Iíve never been able to see myself doing.

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