Flesh to Flesh

Like most males, I must admit to being more visually stimulated. With that in mind, the idea of reading an erotic anthology was not very appealing to me.

That is ----until now.

When I said, “yes” to the suggestion of me writing this review, in the back of my mind I thought, “how in the hell am I going to do this? I’m not going to get turned on by seeing a cock sliding in and out of a guy’s asshole, or seeing the sweat glisten off his body during the acts.”

As it turned out, I did see it. I saw it in my mind’s eye. A great variety of authors were assembled to make “Flesh To Flesh” a book that will most definitely put you in the mood. I would single out an author or two, but I’m afraid that would motivate you to just pick up “Flesh To Flesh” at your local library, or sit in the corner of a bookstore, start getting off by holding the well described images in your mind from only one story, then when you get to some place for privacy, you get off either alone of with someone. The problem with that is it shouldn’t be done that way. Because “Flesh To Flesh” is a keeper.

I started out reading for this review on the NYC Subway en route to my day job. That might not have always been a good idea, because I often found myself reading these stories and being so turned on by how well written the descriptions of the characters and the inner-workings of the body during sexual excitement and sex itself, that I found myself standing on the train with a raging hard-on. A raging hard-on that I had to calm down by thinking of whatever nowhere near sexy thing I could come up with until I could relieve myself of the tension when I got home. The more this happened, I finally decided it was best to make this a “read-only at home” book.

And that’s what a good erotic anthology or novel should be.

“Flesh To Flesh” restored my faith in the genre of erotic novels. I lost faith in it because a few years ago, I read an erotic anthology compiled from another author where the writers did not create such moving images with their words that is was a “read only at home” book. Lee Hayes and all of the other contributing authors of “Flesh To Flesh” accomplished this task be it by way of a short story or poetry. I had momemts where I felt I was enjoying the sensations from being the voyeur to a great sexual fantasy, and others where I was enjoying the sensations from being the star of that fantasy. And that is what great writers do. They take your mind on a journey where you feel every word, every breath, every scent, every contour of animate and inanimate objects. But writers of erotica have the added task of making you feel every contour of the human body, and every muscle moving from sexual pleasure. And all of the authors within “Flesh To Flesh” take me there, without making a dragging story. For once, here I appreciated a backstory when it was called for, because it gave me more of a joyful anticiaption for the outcome of the story as a whole.

It should be needless to say that I would love to read more from not just Lee Hayes, but all of the contributing authors here individually. My desire to see their individual prowess is motivated by what I like best about “Flesh To Flesh”. The fact that I was taken into scenarios that I didn’t think I would enjoy so much. Scenarios like dreams sequences, and people questioning their body image. While they are relevant observations, I never knew I would enjoy reading about them in an erotic short story. But I’m glad I did, because in hindsight, I see now that it made the charcaters more real, and not just fantasy characters. Sometimes when you saw that story told in the 1st person, you were really able to relate. And if it wasn’t you so much as that character, it then gave you a chance to see how the other side lives.

So after taking all that in, I’m now looking forward to reading more erotica. And it all the thanksgoes to “Flesh To Flesh”.