Pnetraytor and Romeo St. James

Putting Pnetraytor - the deserved veteran of the Dorm Life film series, whose skills as a topman have left many a hole raw and begging for more - together with relative newcummer Romeo St. James was nothing short of rubbing two sticks of dynamite together. The two bisexual brothas from Pennsylvania met through CocoDorm, and developed an instant liking for each other that had to be captured on film. Turns out da boys remain friends in real life, and when I sat down to talk with them, right after their photoshoot (for real, Romeo was still wiping the white stuff from his belly as he sat down in an armchair), my first question seemed a natural one for two fine brothas who sat butt-naked before me.

VITO: Does it every get boring? In front of a camera, I mean?
PNETRAYTOR: Gettin' naked? Or sex? Man, sex ain't NEVER boring for me - never will be. My battery's charged 24/7.
ROMEO: I think it depends on who you're with. With P here, we could do it all night long
ROMEO: but you don't get your choice of who you're paired with all tha time, and sometimes, if the chemistry ain't there... even getting your dick hard can be tough. (Smile, wrapping an arm around Pnetraytor's shoulders) But not wit' this one.
PNETRAYTOR: We're good together. We know what the other likes. It's like fuckin' yo brotha.
VITO: Hmm, interesting. Sounds like someone speaks from experience.
PNETRAYTOR: Aw, man, you are SICK! My older brotha's fine as fuck, though. (Turns to Romeo.) You'd like him.

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