Video Reviews

Castro Reloaded

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 47 min
TYPE: Black, Groups, Solo
STARS: Castro, Ax, King, Yanni, Sayvion, Lil Mann, Mellow, Jazz, Illusive, K Rock
STUDIO: Flava Works
RATING: 5 (out of 5)

From our ?Holy CRAP!? collection ? here is a 107-minute tribute to the man with the foot-long dong who could turn your ass to mulch with one thrust ? or your heart to mush with one smile. Castro has never looked better in this collection of 6 solos and 5 scenes of sizzling sex that should inspire the most jaded of dicks to sit up and take notice.

Castro Reloaded begins with some playing around between the lightskinned, beefy Castro and two of his skinny buddies, sexy boy Lil Mann and lanky chocolate bar Sayvion. The scene opens with Sayvion eating the HELL out of little Lil Mann?s asshole, as Castro (who?s already wearing a condom ? though you can see him without one and fucking, in new release Raw Thugs 2) watches the two brothas working each other - until Lil Mann sucks Castro?s dick while Sayvion moves to his Castro butt buffet (HOT!!). Castro?s a legend for a reason - handsome thug, hot body and ass, 12-inch brown cock - as the brotha?s prep Castro by getting him hard. Lil Mann got an asshole made for fucking, too, and he?s rock hard as both dudes get all into Castro orally - front and back - until Castro slides his humongous foot-long horsedick into Lil Mann?s big, round butt - slowly, so as not to kill the brotha. Like putting 5 pounds of baloney into a 2-pound bag, Castro works it in...

As the scene suddenly cuts to a Castro solo scene, Castro looking kind o shy or nervous as he?s directed in a photo shoot to take off his clothes. The man is beautiful; light-skinned and with dark, flat nipples and thick lips made for kissing - and that incredible dark brown horsemeat (which is bigger soft than most men?s are hard) that Castro strokes and lubes up to full torpedo strength. Curved and deadly, that obscene python of his seems to have a life of its own - Castro himself staring at it in wonder as he pulls his pud... finally getting that heavy, fat dick to spew milky white globs of cream, all over his crotch... and those succulent washboard abs.

Ax - a thin, bald, and nearly-black brother, next worships Castro?s flawless body on a bed, making love to that Godzilla dick as Castro orders him to go down on it. Gasping for air, Castro gets the dude to pump his mouth up and down on that incredible cock, major suction sounds (and whispers from the film crew) only mildly distracting as Castro gets on his knees so Ax can go down on that dick even more ? as Castro spreads and fingers the darker brotha?s hairless hole. Tons more oral, then Castro work his dick into Ax slowly, doggie-style, telling Ax to keep his ass stationary, ?til Castro has all that cock in ? before fucking the SNOT out of Ax, balls smacking the young boy?s ass as Castro rams the kid, getting pissed whenever Ax moves, Castro commanding him to hold still. Crawling on top (and showing off one of the hottest hairy buttcracks in adult films as he does so), Castro braces himself on his toes and POUNDS Ax in half, forcing his horse cock up the young bro, in a hot as fuck scene where you know that Ax had to be walking funny for a week after shooting. When Ax beats off to orgasm, he?s so excited that his jizz sprays all over his body like liquid confetti. The bruh looks pleased as hell, though - almost sleepy after his intense workout. Castro?s load, equally big, covers Ax?s skinny chest and pretty face in even more icing before Castro rubs it all into the kid?s chest...

King - another braided, handsome caramel brother, gets freaky with Castro courtesy of some baby oil on a bed. Greased up to the point of being shiny under the camera?s lighting, Castro whacks his anaconda all over King?s ample booty, playing a bit with that hot, round ass as Castro builds up his erection by smacking King all over with it. Then, still smothered in baby oil, Castro forces that crazy-big dick down King?s throat, spreading the brotha?s neck wide - before he does the same with King?s ass, after having to use enough baby oil on it to get an elephant through the eye of a needle. Directing King to pucker his ass up, Castro works that third leg of his in - or tries to - as King looks like it?s killing him ?so much so, and King?s ass being so tight, they have to stop the scene there.

A play, grinning Castro (and the smile is flawless - the kind you wanna see on a man who?s telling you he loves you) drops his boxers next, for a solo scene shot under bright lighting that at first seems weak but turns into maybe the best solo in the film. Castro really seems in love with his own body, as the director tries a couple of costumes on him, camera caressing the dude?s body lovingly as Castro beats his monstrous meat - and smiles that embarrassed, million-watt smile. Close-ups of Castro?s hairy asshole - complete with fully-spread and puckering, throbbing hole (SO tasty-looking, SIGH) - leads to Castro beating off another ton of spooge for the camera...

As a brief, ?mini-scene? of Sayvion, Lil Man, and Castro again (with Castro giving head for the first time in the film, sucking off Lil Mann?s not-solittle brown, condom-covered dick) leads to something worth hitting the rewind button a few times for ? Castro as a bottom. Pretty hot turns to flamethrower Oh My God, as Lil Mann works his cock into Castro?s ass in a couple of different positions, getting his big dick all the way inside the handsome, masculine top and fucking the sexy brotha briefly before Castro returns the favor - and gets revenge(?) - by pounding Lil Mann?s ass again in return, Lil Mann groaning and his feet high in the air as Sayvion strokes his meat to a porn on the TV.

A collage of Castro and a bunch of fine brothas dancing in a club leads to a steamy solo scene of Castro being followed into the john by the camera, where he intros himself in what looks like a scene early in the porn superstar?s career (Castro looking more boyish, his braid longer). The brotha strips while flirting with the camera, teasing the viewer as he takes his clothes off slowly before taking a hot bath, where he caresses his chiseled, muscular body and ass and cock as he washes himself clean ? then strokes his 12-inch meat for the camera - for us - finally blowing his jizz all over the bathroom mirror.

Castro and a smorgasbord of fine-as-fuck smorgasbord of fine-as-fuck and naked black brothas has the camera following the boys around a house as they decorate a Christmas tree next, some of the guys wearing Santa hats - Castro wearing red and green garland and looking like the ultimate stocking (or ass) stuffer. All the brothas here are playful and sexy as hell, no sex but real beauty to look at, all the guys having a good time in a scene that you would think would be boring but actually adds a ton of charm to the film. Beautifully done.

Which is the calm before the storm when next Castro has a hard time (at first) with one hot, young Latin fuck-toy, Yanni - telling the boy to be the fuck still so he can check out the kid?s tight ass. They finally move to the bed, gorgeous Yanni going all out to suck Castro?s cock to mind-boggling erection (Yanni light-skinned and just cute beyond belief), before Castro force-feeds the boy?s tiny asshole his monster-dick, the sexy, light-skinned thug trying to be patient as he forces his brown python - one centimeter at a time - up Yanni?s unwilling and tiny, tiny hole. Takes the dude forever to work it in, too practically impaling Yanni - but eventually the fucking is slip-n-side HOT, Yanni just lying there like a beach sea otter, unable to move and just taking trying to absorb the punishment and taking cockzilla over and over up his young ass. Castro pulls out long enough to get his own ass eaten out by the boy - but that obviously turns Castro on, BIG-TIME, as when he gets back into the kid?s ass Castro really fucks the Latin boy again, doggie-style at first, Yanni looking dazed and confused and making barely a sound - probably in fucking shock - as Castro proceeds to fuck the living hell out of the kid, jackhammering his fuck-toy in some crazy-ass positions ? finally bringing Yanni to life (as does the pain, much as he likes it), the kid finally moaning and groaning and trying not to scream. It?s amazing, how much abuse the kid takes here (and how fucking scorching a scene this becomes),his ass violated by 12 inches of the hottest dick in porn over and over and over again until Castro nuts bucketloads of cum all over the bed, so turned on he?s beating his meat like an animal in the end.

And finally, Castro flies solo again to end the film, stripping down to only a Santa hat as a stocking hang from the mantel of the fireplace behind him, a roaring fire making things toasty. A sweet, Christmas-flavored stroking ends one HOT fuck flick, courtesy of a man who?s grown to legendary status in porn with that handsome face, chiseled physique, and dick of death. SIGH, if only Santa really gave such presents...

In six solos and five sizzling sex scenes, this king of fuckability proves he deserves to wear his crown for some time to come. The only thing that might have made the film better is Castro bottoming more (and the completion of the two sex scenes that just sort of stop in mid-fuck), but it?s a minor beef when indeed the beef is all prime here. What you have here is nothing short of a kaleidoscope of scenes showcasing a porn legend - beautifully.

BL.A.CKS in da House

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 30 min
TYPE: Black Men
STARS: Jay Tornay, Kam Run, Solomon Gregory, Trey Kane, Charles Bernard, Sean John, Isaac Cane
RATING: 4 (out of 5)

In many ways BL.A.cks in Da House is a pretty average film about hung and horny brothas who suck and fuck for pleasure and a paycheck. We all know once you go black you don?t go back, and this film showcases why. But even with the fine brothas and fine sex in this fine fuck film (not to mention the still-adorable and still plowable Solomon Gregory, who I would crawl through glass for anytime), the real reason for the four stars this flick gets can be summed up in two words: Jay Tornay. This young brother, with the face of a child and the body of an exotic dancer (which he is), blows up the screen whenever he?s on it. A future porn icon in the making, his two scenes here solidify Jay?s future stardom as one hell of a kisser, one hell of a cuddly fuck, and one hell of a topman ? all in his porn film debut! ? Donald Ammer

The Bulls of Tijuana: Volume 1

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 30 mins
TYPE: Amateurs, Latin Men, Solos, Twinks/Young Meat, Uncut Cocks, Big Cocks, Documentary, Modeling/Posing, Stripping
STUDIO: Toro Studio
STARS: Fabian Lavelle, Adrian Dominguez, Santiago Uscanda, Jose Luis Artiaga
RATING: 4 (out of 5)

Not sure I?m a fair judge of this one ? my first love was Mexican, and I still have a weakness for them like a fat girl?s got for chocolate... but for those who do love straight Mexican boys, this is a phenomenal start in a brand new series from Toro. The group of guys here are hot, sexy, and not ashamed to beat their meat for money. Each hombre seems totally into his own dick and body, and there?s lots to lust after here... culminating in the incredible Fabian, who you just may want to start a fan club for after seeing this flick. He makes the film, and at the very least you?ll come away from this movie hating the lucky bitch that gets Fabian next as a boyfriend... ? Donald Ammer

Hang on the Dark Side

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 35 mins
TYPE: Interracial, Straight Men/Gay Sex, Amateur, Masturbation
STUDIO: Body Shoppes
STARS: Leon, Alex, Majesty, Mike, Flam, Pee Wee, Lou
RATING: 2 (out of 5)

Being a white boy who?s a fan of dark meat himself, I had hopes for this one; on the DVD cover Donald Ross seems to have put together a nice set of young and hung black and white ?straight? boys that just might be up for playing around with another dude for the first time. But lackluster fucking, Leon?s annoying stocking cap and shades (and snide remarks), and the constant presence of Uncle Don?s grabbing paw of a hand take a lot of steam out of what could have been a pretty decent flicks. Pee Wee and the hot as FUCK Flame are worth a viewing, as is the nervous fumbling of white boy Mike stroking his black buddy Majesty... but overall, a weak entry in an otherwise often must-see series. ? Donald Ammer

L.A.tinos in the House!

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 40 mins
TYPE: Latin Men
STARS: Erec Estrada, Brad Slater, Marc DeVirula, Marc Winters, Travis Pinelli, Javier Arturos, Rico Corona, Erik Jensen, Jeco
RATING: 4 (out of 5)

These Latinos could be in MY house any day; GAI Studios has found some of Southern California?s hottest Latin boys and hooked them up with each other for this film. Cool thing is, the boys are all horny, hung, and really into the sex; the two Marcs kiss and fuck like longterm lovers, and Erec Estrada (in his first video ? and if there?s a God it won?t be his last) brings a lustful intensity to the screen that scorches the finale. If you?re into Latinos at all, this is a great flick ? not the best, but the cast brings it up to a level worthy of multiple orgasms from the viewer ? who should spray like the boys do in this film, thick white salsa you?ll wish you could taste yourself. And Erec, am ready whenever you are!! ? Donald Ammer

Private Manstars 4: Lucas Foz ? Brazilian Sex God

TYPE: Compilations, Brazilians/Latinos, Young Men, Muscular Men
STUDIO: PrivateMan
STARS: Lucas Foz, Mario Perez, Vincent Damier, Christophe Blanc, Ricardo
RATING: 5 (out of 5)

PrivateMan does it again, in a pornucopia of ass-pounding action in a scorching compilation film of the best of one of their most popular models, ?Brazilian Sex God? Lucas Foz. If you first discovered him in Soccer Boy, as I did, that was a cake walk compared to the scenes here ? in particular, a couple of instances where this incredibly hot top actually bottoms like a natural. SEE Lucas Foz get fucked in a sling! SEE Lucas Foz pump a barely-legal boy until the kid spurts all over himself! SEE Lucas worship a construction workers feet with his lips, teeth and tongue ? and most importantly, SEE yourself orgasm without you touching your dick, the DVD remote still in one hand ?cause you weren?t expecting it! Yep, THAT is how hot this film is... ? Donald Ammer

Straight ?Meat?: Hung & Full of Cum

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 45 mins
TYPE: Straight Men/Gay Sex, Amateur, Masturbation, Military
STUDIO: Body Shoppe
STARS: Rod, Alex, ?Rod,? Tony, Pee Wee, Mick, Dolph, Will
RATING: 3 (out of 5)

This new ?outing? (pun totally intended) from Uncle Don Ross features a few very sexy ?straight? boys getting into their own cocks as well as those of others ? and is definitely light years better than the Body Shoppe?s other recent entry, Hang on the Dark Side. Little Latin Marine Tony and Hispanic beefcake Rod ? along with Alex and the sexy bottoming of USMC hunk Dolph ? make the movie pretty much a must-see. But for real, unless Don Ross is sidelining into daddy/son films, he really needs to get the over-50 crowd out of the camera?s view ? the dude in the ski mask utterly ruins the end of what, up until then, was the hottest scene in the film. ? Donald Ammer

Big Muscle

RUNNING TIME: 2 hr 45 mins
TYPE: Older Men/Younger Men, Tattoos, Bears, Pissing, Interracial
STUDIO: TitanMen
STARS: Chuck Scott, Jake Deckard, Markus Ram, Cliff Rhodes, Logan Steele, Tober Brandt, Jay Armstrong, Chris Crawford, Fredrick Ford, Troy Moore, & Jason Tiya l
RATING: 3 (out of 5)

Am not really into daddies, muscle men, or remotely rough sex. And pissing? Uhhhhhhhhhhh ? hell, no!! But all that and more happens in TitanMen?s newest ode to testosterone, Big Muscle. Here, you have 11 men who suck and fuck and eat ass like it?s their last meal before going to the electric chair. A couple of the scenes have the ?just here to collect a paycheck? feel, but the sex is still hot and raw throughout. Tober Brandt?s encounter with the hubba-hubba black brothas that tear his ass UP is well worth purchasing the DVD for, by way of example ? but the finale is the best, featuring no less than 3 exceptionally hot guys who seemingly had forgotten the camera was there... and did what just came naturally. ? Donald Ammer

Raw Thugs 2

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr 45 mins
TYPE: Barebacking, Facials, Black Men, Big Dicks
STUDIO: Flava Works
STARS: Pimp, Castro, Tajai, Platinum, College, Pnetraytor, Bam Bam, Khaliel Kream, Justin Keys, Pretty Red, Kasper, Island Thug, Chino?s Dick
RATING: 4 (out of 5)

Though somehow not as raw as the first one, Raw Thugs 2 works for the most part ? the only weak scenes being courtesy of models Island Thug, Pretty Red, and Bam Bam... who, hot as they are, seem to be there only to collect a paycheck. The rest are prime Flava Works ? models getting off on each other to the point you would swear some of them were lovers in real life. Pimp is his usual freaky self, while Castro and his "horse cock" give the royal workout to the unsuspecting Platinum and College. Then there?s the barebacking ? for this reviewer, hot as hell, especially when the cum spurted is used over again as lubricant, for more fucking. Either way, a treat for the barebacking sex and hot men fan. ? Donald Ammer