Jesse Rabbit

Whatís good e v e r y o n e ? This is ya boy Tyson Kobie coming back at you from the hottest spot in all of Miami, the Cocodorm. This time Iím here to chat up promising young newcomer to the game Jesse Rabbit. For those of you who havenít gotten the chance to see him in action yet, itís well worth the trip to to see this 19 year old Louisiana native fuck. Standing at five foot nine inches tall and a lean, mean 155 pounds, this versatile pretty boy has a thick nine inches of fat black dick and a beautiful backside, both just begging to be put to good work. I sat down with J. Rabbit right before his first solo photo shoot.

TYSON KOBIE: Jesse Rabbit. You know I gotta ask about the name right?
JESSE RABBIT: Of course.
TYSON KOBIE: So let everyone know. Whatís it about?
JESSE RABBIT: Well, first off I love the character Jessica Rabbit, so Jesse is like...the male version. Plus, dudes tell me I fuck like a rabbit. Iím always ready to get it in.
TYSON KOBIE: So I guess we know why you came to the dorm, but you didnít come in as one of the Wannabes. How did you get started?
JESSE RABBIT: I was in the gym one day just after Iíd moved down here for school and Breion Diamond was there too. He kind of like...made me an offer I couldnít refuse in the sauna *laughs*. So he got me set up and everything actually happened really quick now that I think about it. I guess I was kinda ready for it anyways but didnít realize.
TYSON KOBIE: Like...a porn star that just hasnít been discovered yet.

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