Breion Diamond, Merecio and Mr Saukei

There's a rumor that Rick James could see into the future, and sang "Super Freak" as a tribute to Breion. Well, okay - so that shit ain't true. But it could be.

So when you take one bisexual super-freak from the Windy City ... and hook him up with an East Coast thug looking to make the most of his debut in front of the camera ... then put these horny brothers with one of the sexiest little versatile brothas from tha Dirty South ...

Well, let's just say tha temperature in the room jacked up about ten degrees just when these three started with tha kissing and undressing.

Breion, at only 21, is already close to icon status in the industry. His thirst for dick and ass can't be filled, and when everyone piled on the leather sofa it was obvious from word that Merecio - the newbie of the group - wasn't 100% prepared for the gangsta appetite of one of our finest. He got used to it real fast soon as the bois got naked and Breion's lips started working him over - and pretty soon, it was kind of hard for the cameras to keep up with one of the hottest threeways of play we've ever put onto film; even Mr. Saukei twisted that sexy little dancer's body of his into a few positions even WE'D never seen him in before.

Afterward, still drippin' sweat - and sleepyeyed, from a workout none of them probably expected to be so intense - Breion, tha pro, rated how he thought his fellow horndogs did in that shoot.

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