Caramel D

Yo, when I first peeped Caramel D’s pic in my stack of models to interview my shit got hard. No bullshit. I saw that smooth creamed coffee brown skin, that thugged out pretty boy face and that tight ass compact 5’7” pit bull frame, and I was done son. I noticed that he said he was “straight” on his application, but that’s just a word to me, know what I’m sayin’. I knew I had to catch his shoot from start to finish. So on the afternoon of his session, I’m whippin’ through traffic on Biscayne Boulevard at damn near 60mph and honkin’ my horn like a fuckin’ mad man, cause I’m late as hell.

The next thing I know, I’m sittin’ on the side of the road wit lights flashin’ behind me and I’m pissed. Fuck the ticket, I was missin’ Caramel D’s photo shoot! As luck would have it, lighting issues had shit delayed and I arrived just in time to see the sexy ass 25-year-old chulo from Miami bust off a stream of cream for the camera. After he got showered up, we sat down and kicked it a little bit.

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